Monday, February 12, 2007

More February Love

Oh - I forgot to mention another reason I love February - all the holidays

It's not often I have a day all to myself to clean and craft and work out and make a nice dinner for my husband and enjoy a cup of cocoa. Thanks, Abe, for all the wonderful things you did for our country. And, well, thanks for being born in the month of February.

(Lovely ephemera - minus good ol' Abe - courtesy of Little Pink Studio)


Heidi said...

You must live in Illinois, right? I don't think the rest of the country gets Lincoln's birthday off (they combine it into Presidents' Day next week). My company doesn't give Lincoln's Bday off, but I remembered it when I trekked all the way to the Secretary of State's office to get some adoption documents notarized and found a dark office!

elizabeth said...

you get lincoln's bday off of work??? lucky girl. we don't even get president's day off but we get mardi gras day off so i guess it evens