Thursday, February 01, 2007

Idees, encore

I finished going through aaaallll of my magazines to get my idea books in order. Just a few more pages I would like to share with you ~

This is my most favorite page. It reminds me of summer

I have a lot of pages like this one

I seem to have a thing for
ephemera in white tones.

My favorite decor colors seem to be either granny smith apple green or a map water blue

Almost every picture filed under "decor" is done in one of these colors.

Finally, this has to be the coolest party EVER

From Organic Style, October 2005. Another awesome mag now defunct. Why do all my magazines go under? Is it because I am not a subscriber? I like to go to the store to buy my magazines, but I do it faithfully. I end up spending more by doing that, so that should count for something. But, I suspect subscriptions are the thing that keep magazines afloat.

So, I'm up to date (until next month's magazines come out!)


ratichoo said...

This is great! I have a "folder" of ideas, all cut from magazines, but it's so messy compared to your notebook, well done and inspiring!

laura said...

those are my favorite colors, too! i call them sage and robin's egg blue. those are the only colors my house is painted so far! most of my pics come from pottery barn though. sigh.b

Sarah and Jack said...

I think that number of subscribers = advertising dollars. I also really loved Organic Style. (And I *was* a subscriber!)

leslie said...

i made these in high school and through college, i even planned my wedding with one. these are great jen.

Amy said...

Oh, to be "up to date!" I haven't been up to date this whole decade, but I'm working on it with a vengeance.
Love your idea book.

Lilli said...

Hmm, I have about a gazillion and one magazines that I need to cull, and your lovely pages make me want to cut and paste too. I've been looking for a do-in-front-of-the-TV project for those times when my husband is watching something I'm less than thrilled with :)

chest of drawers said...

Beautiful pages!

Amanda said...

fantastic cutouts!

Silly Question. In your little journal of magazine cutouts...what different sections do you have as labels? I want to make one of these...but need some ideas to get me started! :)

Thanks so much.
London Southern Belle.

Jennifer said...

Hi Amanda - I hope you come back to see this! I don't know what's wrong with the reply to comment thingy and why it doesn't always show an email address...

Anyway, my categories are Decor, Color, Inspiring, Crafts, Parties/Holidays, Products/Links, Kids, and Housekeeping. I have 2 journals with about 300 pages each, and I have 4 categories per book.

Good luck starting your own idea books!