Sunday, February 11, 2007


Do you ever have moments when you feel the world is created just for you? A moment so surreal that makes you question if you might really be the star of your own Truman Show?

I had that feeling last night big time. We walk into the bar we go to every weekend. A nicely decorated place onto itself - tiki themed, naturally. A separate secret room was opened for the night (we had never seen inside this room before) revealing...a full-scale version of my Asian + Valentine's Day + Chinese New Year themed living room!

I nearly passed out. Then I squealed. And then I started gushing to anyone that would listen about how I had decorated my entertainment center in the same style and that I wished I could have done our house like this but my husband wouldn't let me and that this was like a dream come true to see a whole room decorated like this and I wish I had my camera and not just a stupid camera phone and oh oh I love your top etc. etc. Of those in the know were dressed in their finest Asian garb. I guess this was a private party that started years ago at somebody's house, and then moved to the secret room before the bar was even there. So, we kind of crashed the party, which was very nice of the hosts to do - you know, let a crazy woman loose on their guests.

It was like a glimpse into Jennifer's version of heaven. There were potstickers and fried rice and giant boxes of chocolate. On the walls and ceiling were lanterns and parasols and fans and foil hearts. On the tables were bottles dressed in silk jackets and orchids and lucky bamboo and take out boxes filled with even more chocolate. A live band was playing, and all around me were people that "get it."

Or were they just actors...?


Megan said...

That was so funny. Loved it.

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Yay! Glad your dream came true.

Miss Bliss said...

Heaven in a bar, who knew? i think I have been looking in the wrong place all these years! Hehehe

Jennifer said...

Dude - I didn't even think of that. Well, maybe heaven should serve libations?