Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

You're probably getting tired of all the Asian-loving going on over here this month, huh? I'll combine a few things here and then that will *hopefully* be that.

To help ring in the Year of the Pig, we visited one of our favorite restaurants today with friends for dim sum (how apropos - that we pigged out today...snort snort oink)

(Lovely plum blossom arrangement)

I also made a few Thank You gifts for a few of you out there that sent me something, like, a hundred years ago or so. I am soooo sorry these are so long in coming! Please forgive me - and THANK YOU once again!

(Fabric fortune cookies with stamped fortune, chocolate dipped fortune cookies, and foil wrapped chocolate fortune hearts)


Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!


Sarah and Jack said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you also! This post has reminded me of something that shouldn't have been long forgotten, but was. We put our wedding favors in little take out boxes with fortunes in them, what a sweet memory your darling little fortune cookies have elicited!

Cindy said...

I love your favors! I noticed your post on Whip Up. I love those aprons ---would be great favors for one of those soup exchanges too. Such clever ideas! Thanks for sharing!
I love your blog!

Carrie Sommer said...

I love the decorated take out boxes! They're so cute! And Dim Sum! Yum!

Miss Bliss said...

I love your favors! Who wouldn't have a fantastic New Year with one of those stitched fortune cookies in their hand!!!!

leslie said...

i want the name and location of that restaurant, i am getting sick of taco bell! seriously!