Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Formula for a Perfect Birthday

As the years keep adding up, I have become less and less excited about birthdays. In fact, dread is a more appropriate word to describe every year since 30.

This year I decided to take a different approach, and to to cram all of the components of a "perfect birthday" into one day. By Jove, I think I think I did it! I'll share my findings with those of you that may not feel much like celebrating the 30-somethings and beyond.

Jen's formula for an awesome birthday:

Eat pancakes at Bob's Big Boy for breakfast

+ Share cupcakes with co-workers (it's ok if you have to make them yourself - that's part of the fun!)

+ Find a wonderful roll of quilted fabric and your first Vera scarves
(stuffed in a bag with a bunch of old hankies and bandanas for $2.29 total) while thrifting at lunch, and purchase a SnB calendar at the dollar store next door

+ Come home to a pressie from a generous blog buddy waiting on your doorstep!*

+ Eat a greasy cheeseburger, fries and a cherry coke at an old fashioned soda fountain

+ Enjoy cake topped with nice fresh strawberries - mock your age if you are so inclined ("32 - how do you do?")

+ Top said cake with the most KICK ASS candle ever invented*

+ Go ROLLER SKATING! (this, my friends, is an absolutely essential component)

= a Happy Birthday no matter what age you are turning!

* More information and credits will be shared tomorrow!

17 comments: said...

a) Happy birthday. b) Fabulous food. c) 32. Pah. Baby.

Megan said...

Doh. Senior moment. I'm so old, my brain got the places where I stick the name and the web address back to front.

Ali said...

Looks like you really did have a Happy Birthday. Here's to many more, and to roller skating!

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy Birthday to you! That looks like the perfect day.

Miss Bliss said...

It looks as though I am totally under estimating the youthful power of rollerskating! I need to find me a rink!

Glad you had a great birthday, looked like tons of fun! How could you not love a day that is filled with pancakes, chocolate and strawberries!

Carrie Sommer said...

Gah! Happy Birthday my dear! But, did you mention somthing in the range of early 30's? Don't get me started!

What a totally fun day you had! I love that candle! Hope the fun continues the rest of the week, year, decade!

June said...

Happy birhday to you! I gave up caring whether each birthday added another year to my age; instead, I've decided that each year that passes is merely a celebration that I'm alive and having a wonderful time--and this year I'll have had a grand time for 55 years. Last year I celebrated by flying through the air on a zip-line through the tree canopy in the jungle around Puerto Vallarta; this year I'm going surfing.

Emy said...

You forgot to add:
+ say "By Jove" in your blog. :D Like Cap'n Dobbins. :D

Happy Birthday! Looks like Cale and I are in good company.

Cecilia said...

Where did you find that candle? It looks awesome.

Dee Light said...

Cool candle and the cupcakes look oh so yummy!! I agree who cares if you make them yourself at least you have yummy cupcakes. That trip to the skating rink helped work off some of the B-Day goodies. I will have to remember that. Happy Birthday

Barb said...

You're only 32?! Holy crap Jen, it just starts getting good now.

telfair said...

Happy Birthday -- looks like a perfect way to spend the day!

Many happy returns!

Tiff said...

Happy Birthday!! Love roller skating too.

Cristina H. said...

Yeah!! Happy Birthday Jen!!

jek-a-go-go said...

ikes! i missed wishing you a happy birthday on your birthday! i had plans and then the sick happened! drats! hope you had a blast and your day sounds perfectly fun! i'll be spending mine on the sofa...Hippo Birdies Two Ewes!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Happy birthday sweet freind,what an awesome day!!!

elizabeth said...

oh i'm so glad that you had a wonderful day!!!

pisces rule :)