Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crafter's Companion ~ #3

Man - that Claudia. She is so inspiring! She is just busting through the projects in The Crafter's Companion like nobody's business! I love all of her fabric choices, and her modifications to the projects. Claudia is completing the projects in the order that they are presented in the book. I must admit, I am kind of working on the easier projects first before I take on the one's that may be over my head (like Amy's quilt - yikes!)

* and **

Anna Torborg's Market Bag may have been simple to construct, but it is definitely not lacking in style. I love the shape of this bag so much - I will definitely be adding more market bags to my closet in the future. I mean really - how many bags do you have that can do this?

The main purse fabric is something I have been toting around for awhile. I wasn't thrilled with the fabrics I paired it with up until the last minute when I pulled the braided leather trim through and cinched the thing up. Then I fell in love with the bag in its entirety! Two wooden beads came fused together, which inspired me to glue two more together to use to pull the bag closed

Sidenote: I give you "purse craft girls" a lot of credit. I mean, this thing is fine for me to tote around. Its flaws would not be obvious to the casual observer. But that you can get your side and bottom seams to line up and the lining to be flush with the outside fabric - and make it all look clean and neat and ready to sell - kudos to you! All I can do is keep practicing!

* Do not adjust your monitors. This truly is the color of our walls.
** Some people have art and no frames. We have frames and no art!


eviedee said...

Beautiful job! Very stylish!
I used to have a big wooden frame from a thrift shop that I adored. When I could not find appropriate art to fill it I wrapped picture wire around a vase full of flowers and hung it inside the frame. Instant 3D still life! :)

Sarah and Jack said...

The bag looks great, I really should start making more things from that book. Have you seen the pictures of my hallway? Filled to the brim with frames with no art! (Although, people do comment on it when they visit. I just stick my nose in the air! LOL)

leslie said...

love the fabric on that purse, love it! we can practice sewing together sometime, i borrowed my moms sewing machine (mine is on the blink) and lets just say it is a step up and i dont think i can step back down after experiencing it.

oh my gosh, i have about a dozen paintings with no frames (i just prop them up all over the place), i think we are a match made in heaven! haha.

Gina said...

oh, I love the market bag!

Heidi said...

I like that wall color. Looks a lot like mine in my living room. It's Dorset Gold (Benjamin Moore).

Amy said...

Nice job -- love the wooden beads and the 70s brown calico... I know - Claudia is totally rockin that book.

THanks for the floating dog video below -- crazy.

Mary Rotman said...

beautiful bag :) i started to make my own tonight... until i got to the pocket. just curious... but is it a type that the pocket is supposed to be 31" x 8"? it seems a little unlikely... but i suppose it's necessary. could you shoot me an email & let me know? thanks :)