Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Even if we didn't strike it rich, we had a fabulous time. The cold weather was not too much of a deterrent, and we still managed to visit some new places. Our trips to Vegas focus very little on the casinos. We gamble a little at night, but don't visit too many of the big hotels unless we have a specific reason to go to them.

"World's Largest (Broken) Thermometer" in Baker, California. It was already down to 30 degrees that night when we drove through.

Here are some of the sites we visited during this trip. Turns out you need a background check to go to the Nevada Test Site (I suppose that makes sense). This is where those videos from back in the day were filmed with mannequins being hurtled against the wall during a nuclear blast. We settled for a trip to the Atomic Testing Museum.
I must admit the museum was a little heady for me. I still don't quite understand the whole A-bomb, H-bomb, nuclear bomb thing. It's probably better not to know too much...

I do dig these "Atoms for Peace" posters designed by Eric Nitsche

A little easier for me to comprehend - chocolate! We went on a tour of the Ethel M Chocolate factory

They have a newer line of chocolate, Ethel's, that looks so modern, and, from what I tasted, is pretty darn delicious.

We also toured The Old Mormon Fort. This is a very nicely put together attraction. The visitor center is a-mazing

A very big weathered door

Cinder block wall chinked with glass

Wooden doll

Rag rug

Shadow play

Rusty bits

and bobs

Wooden checkers

Little Babushka girl giggling about how cold she is. That is calcium residue in the background, not frost (Thank God).

Look out - Little Babushka girl is getting ready to throw her first ever lasso!

The Haunted Vegas tour was fun. We received a pair of "dousing rods" to use to detect spirits. We only got off the bus at two locations, the Flamingo hotel (to look for the spirit of "Bugsy" Siegel), and a park where two young boys were murdered. We learned a lot about the history of the horrible deaths in Sin City - for the most part, sadly, suicides. And had anybody heard about this tragedy? Dude - MGM Grand must have paid the big bucks for PR reps to keep everybody from associating their name with a giant fire ball of death for perpetuity. And how much did Bally's pay to take over that cursed hotel?

Finally, a few pictures of the Vegas most (normal) people go to see

Fremont Street Experience

More like "Lose $ Slots"

The Cowboy

taken on Fremont Street. We stayed at the Golden Nugget (highly recommended. Very accessible. I must be getting old if accessibility is a major factor in where I stay). Also highly recommended:

~ The Peppermill (Especially for those that miss the show Miami Vice)
~ Binion's (Watching old drunk people try to ride a mechanical bull - hilarious)

Not recommended at all: La Bayou - unless you miss your days hanging out in Tijuana.


Sarah and Jack said...

I was expecting that tag under the wooden doll to say something more than "wooden doll" but nope, it says wooden doll. LOL

jungle dream pagoda said...

Yay,your back!I love Vegas,that haunted vegas tour sounds cool too.

Megan said...

Love those photos. Must eat chocolate.

Just to let you know, I tagged you for a meme. Feel kinda silly, but figured you wouldn't mind terribly. Anyway, you're it.

Mary Jane said...

Thanks for the grand tour! Great pics.

Amy said...

I loooooove Ethel M. My husband always gets me the liquor ones for Valentines Day. Liquor and chocolate. What could be better?