Thursday, January 18, 2007

Simple Hack

A very simple Ikea hack, completed post-business trip and pre-bedtime (that means fast)

Polarvide blanket woven
with about three yards of 1/4" wide ribbon through pre-punched holes.* 1/2" ribbon also looks cute - more shabby chic

Imagine the possibilities: change the ribbon to match your decor, or change it out for the seasons! Once you have one ribbon threaded through, you can attach a new ribbon color with a safety pin and pull it through to save you from having to bring the ribbon through each hole again. Or, use double-sided ribbon for two different looks. Instant presto change-o!

Today's business trip necessitated a little shopping therapy upon my return. Here are a few things I saw/found out about today that I'd like to share with you:

~ Oktak - made by a friend of a co-worker. The "frames bags" are delightful!

~ Ikea heart ice cube tray (not on website)

~ "Make it" sets (these are the same kits through a UK site) at Target. I love every single one! The smaller sets come in a very giftable muslin bag. On the ever expanding "international toys" aisle.

Time to roll up in my newly adorned blanket and call it a night!

*Modeled on older version of Ingolf chair.


Sarah and Jack said...

I never have the heart to look at that IKEA hack site because I have to drive 6 hours to Chicago to visit one! I like the pink & brown in the blanket, it dresses it up nicely.

elizabeth said...

love it!

i got to go to ikea for the first time in october when me and hubby went to minneapolis. we had to buy another suitcase to bring home some of the stuff that i bought

damn why isn't there one here.

Amy said...

That is brilliant! I love the idea of being able to switch it out easily at will...

eviedee said...

Adorable! And WHY OH WHY did you have to link to the AWESOME coin purses!? SO many things to buy!