Wednesday, January 10, 2007


(That's how it came out, and I'm going with it - I'll be a Francophile for a day)

As others are doing, the New Year is also the start of new idea books

I have been keeping books of magazine articles in various formats for many years. It is interesting to look back at how my tastes have changed over time.

These may be my favorite idea journals yet! They were at Walmart for $5 or so. They are quite large, and have perforated pages. So, if I am really disenchanted with a certain style, I can get rid of it.

I am only about a quarter of the way through my stack of magazines from the last 2 years. I envision more pages like this in the future, with a collage feel to them

For now, though, most pages only have one or two items, like this

with notes about what I like about the clipping, and sources to buy the items shown.

My categories, written on stick-on file folder tabs, include Decor, Color, Inspiring, Products/Links, Crafts, Holidays/Parties, Kids, and Housekeeping.

There are some issues that really speak to me, and I couldn't imagine cutting up. I keep those. For example, I have my whole collection of Budget Living intact - they are going to be collector's items someday!

For some issues of certain magazines, however, it is disheartening to see how little I find to keep. Real Simple is the best example. I have bought this magazine for 5 years now. It has not changed significantly in its format, or the types of articles featured. In one way this is comforting - an old favorite that you can rely on. On the other side of the coin, it gets a tad boring...I find myself skipping over this magazine during my monthly magazine buying binge at the bookstore if I think it looks a little bland that month.

Not trying to start a debate here - I wouldn't want the magazine to change significantly. It is very good, and well-designed. I guess I liken it to marriage - sometimes you just need to add a little spice!

Now I'm going to go eat a croissant or something. And practice saying something "spicy" in French for when BT gets home...


Cerri said...

This is a great idea and one I have been wanting to do for a while now! I am such a magazine junkie and really need to get my ideas and inspirations more organized. Your pages look amazing already!
Will have to check and see if I can find a journal like that!

eviedee said...

Budget Living is the ONLY magazine that I have never thrown away. Your organizer is a FANTASTIC idea! I loved all the honeycomb paper projects from the December MSL. Do you know a local place to buy it?

ramona said...

ha! i also just ripped apart all my lifestyle magazines and kept the ideas and good recipes for my idea book and recipe collection.

Jane said...

I have a file of old magazine ideas, I should glue them down to a book. I might use it more! I agree about real simple, but they published my letter once so I am loyal!

Beth said...

I have done this for 10 years now! I have books for useful things (i.e. projects from MSL, organized by topic - wedding, dishes, kids, bedding, etc) and books for clippings that are purely beautiful (alot of national geographic, postcards, bits of newspaper, old ads, etc)

One of my favourite things to do is to sit quietly with a cup of tea in the evening and paste things in. It's cathartic, peaceful, makes me feel like I'm bringing order to all of the ideas and inspiration that can sometimes seem overwhelming.

You know what's funny? I cut out all the same things you are showing on your pages!

Love it. I'm not the only crazy one.


Laura said...

In November I started going through the boxes of old magazines that I have and tearing out the pictures/ideas, etc that I thought I could use. I had just been sticking them in a little plastic three drawer filer but now that I have seen what you are doing, I want to do it that way! What a great idea!
Thanks for sharing!

telfair said...

Wow, this IS a really fabulous idea! (Not that I'm surprised -- you ALWAYS have good ideas!)

We do this with recipes -- in binders with those plastic page-protectors as the sheets -- but I really think I might start doing something like this, too.

Great idea!!

Barb said...

I've been wanting to do something like this, I just never get to the glue it on the page stage. So finally I stopped trying and I just picked up an accordian folder so I can slip ideas into different pockets. Restaurants to try, places to travel, gimmes, etc. It's funny how I can track my changing interests too. I have loved magazines forever, but I grow tired of them having younger and younger models and tastes. I used to adore Lucky, and now it seems so high school. Very disappointing. I sorely miss Organic Style. I love Taste of Home too much to even order it--I would never throw them away, and I'd be living in a sea of magazines. I buy them at thrift stores anyway, I guess I should just break down. At the very least year the annual book version. I was at the grocery store today and was coveting Dwell, but I couldn't justify the five bucks expense. I was just talking to someone the other day about the fact that libraries have these big reference binders filled with snippets of what's in each magazine. In other words, someone has the job of just reading magazines all day and writing about the content. Uh, where do I apply?

Stephanie said...

I agree with you about RS. I like the magazine but it can be so boring. I really only read the beginning and the end of the magazine, so I stopped picking it up. I just flip through the front pages while I'm waiting in the grocery line. Of course that's when I see some fascinating article! Just figures!

elizabeth said...

oh i so need to do this. what a great idea. its interesting that you mentioned you can see how much your taste has changed. i have a folder with torn out magazine pages and its funny to see what i was into back