Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hot Pot

With Christmas comes gift cards, and with gift cards come better versions of things I already own. My old fondue pot was a disaster waiting to happen. No wait - disasters did happen, in the form of burned on caked on ooey gooey cheesy messes. The fondue pot was the type that used the mysterious blue gel fuel, and, no matter how careful I was pouring the fuel in, I would always end up with a flame to large to contain. Many fondue parties were put on hold as I tried to salvage the good cheese from the top of the pot.

So this time I decided to go electric. Boy, what a difference - even and controllable heating! We inaugurated the fondue pot by making a Cantonese Chrysanthemum Hot Pot.

You start by cooking the meat

and veggies

dip everything in a selection of spicy sauces

then add noodles to the broth

to make a yummy soup!

For those of you who own a fondue pot, but only think it can be used for cheese or chocolate, I challenge you to dust the thing off and try some new recipes. Here are some online. I really like this book - it includes recipes that allow you to deep fry using your fondue pot!

Fondue is great for the whole family - It is one of those sneaky tools women have to convince our family that cooking their own meal is fun!


Emy said...

We have 3 fondue pots and that looks like it would make a nice 4th!! That's a great price too! I LOOOOVEEEE fondue. But I'm burnt out on making it. The prep work kills me. I miss being able to buy stuff already cut up, but nothing like that is offered here. I've taught 2 classes on my yummy cheese fondue and keep getting requests for a 3rd. No thanks. :D However I did find a yummy peach fondue recipe that I'm dying to try.

shizzknits said...

Ohhhh looks so yummy! We have a fondue pot, too, but it's too small and uses the gel stuff and freaks me out with the small ones at the table. Last time we used it, my FIL dropped some flaming gel on my counter! It was so hard to put out- we finally had to put a pot over it to smother it. Thank goodness I have granite countertops or we might have had to break out out the baking soda and make a real mess!

elizabeth said...

looks yummy! i have a fondue pot that i have never opened (hubby bought it for me a few years back).

shame on me i know!

telfair said...

I don't have a fondue pot -- BUT I actually bought one over Christmas. I pulled a tag off the Wishing Tree at work (you know, full of tags from local shelters and whatnot) and the guy wanted a digital cooking thermometer, oven mitts, and a fondue pot.

I thought this was rather odd and wasn't going to get him the fondue pot, but then I actually found one on sale at Target for $17. So I gave the guy his fondue pot after all.

Now I'm glad because he can make yummy soup!

The End.

Heidi said...

I love fondue--it's such a social way of eating. Thanks for the recipe and links. This looks so healthy. To be honest, I'd rather have a pound of gooey cheese!

eviedee said...

Oh YUM! I LOVE fondue, your post has officially inspired me to upgrade to electric. Thanks! (My husband will thank you to once he gets over the sticker shock and fills his belly with delicious molten cheese.)

jo said...

that's a really interesting way to use the fondue pot! In asian cultures we actually call it "steamboat". :) Alot of families like this cos everyone cooks for themselves! and u can cook practically anything in there.

Susie said...

to jo: either steamboat or Chinese hot pot...

I have one earthenware fondue pot for cheese fondue, a metal one for meat fondue and a small ceramic one for chocolate fondue. But by now I have switched my attention to something exciting for cheese fondue lovers: It's called raclette and also comes from Switzerland, just like fondue. Again, lots of cheese and loads of fun! I love raclette even more than fondue now!

leslie said...

love that soup (without the meat of course), nice pictures jen!