Friday, January 19, 2007

The Crafter's Companion ~ #1

I'm still trying to catch up from Christmas crafts, so I haven't been able to implement my new ideas for January. One new goal was going to be my personal challenge to make all of the projects from The Crafter's Companion. I originally was going to say that I would complete the projects during the month of January, but I think the way craft projects and I are going, I will leave the end date open ended.

I knew when Kath posted a call for projects from the book, somebody else would chime in that they too were in the process of making all of the projects. So, watch Claudia's blog for her progress.

How about you? Buying this book is a great way to give these crafty ladies some love, and reading their bios is inspiring, but making their projects is how we can show appreciation for their work.

This is Hillary's pillowcase apron to be used as a quilting apron.. Very easy, very cute. One project down, sixteen more to go...

Oh - and watch for other CC projects here.


Sarah and Jack said...

That is the first project I made from the book also. STUPIDLY, I forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it to my MIL. Sigh.

Jo said...

I have the book and think it's wonderful, I enjoyed reading about where they find their inspiration. Have not tried any of the projects yet but have good intentions of getting started!

chest of drawers said...

It´s lovely! Can´t wait to make one.