Friday, January 19, 2007

5 Years

Today is our 5 year anniversary

Time really flies, doesn't it?

Got a little nostalgic this year and pulled out the wedding memory box. The silver is very tarnished, and my beautiful veil sprinkled delicately with rhinestones and pearls is starting to yellow

Tulips do not preserve well, but I'm glad they held up as well as they did

It was nice to read through our guest book and a few cards, but then I got teary eyed and had to stop.

Some additional information about "the big day," in case you are interested. I can share this stuff with you all because I know this is the one group that will understand.

~ My dress was my "one thing." Most "bridezillas" have their one thing that they are obsessed about. The dress was it. My concern was that it could not be satin, or sateen, or any other non-organic fabric. So, what you are seeing is silk organza. And it was a designer gown. The cost? We don't need to go there. It is carefully preserved in the off chance that somebody appreciates its simple design and quality.

~ We still do not have any wedding pictures. My hair looked like a pile of petrified dog sh*t. I still regularly curse the receptionist and stylist at Salon Lujon for their lack of consideration and skill, respectively.

~ The ribbon with the safety pins is an idea I had to allow us to forego the money dance. If I don't like hugging people, you can imagine I would abhor dancing with them. But, I'm not going to lie - we still wanted the cash. So, we each donned sashes at the reception (like the royal couple), and people could buy the pins from our wedding party. The plan was to walk around to the tables and people could pin us. Instead, we were just kind of mobbed. I feel like I didn't spend enough time with my guests that day - it was all a blur.

~ The little box is one of our favors. I thought it was so clever at the time, but now it looks kind of plain. And the reception place put them with the W seal facing up despite my careful drawing of which way they were supposed to go.They held a truffle.

~ I was into all the superstitions that day. My something borrowed was my MIL's purse from her wedding day. My blue was my garter, and my old was the hankie. I wore the horseshoe on my corset. Nothing terrible went wrong, but it was the little things that I had planned so carefully, yet the day of I could not control what happened.

BT and my Mom get a kick out of me recanting all of the things that went wrong, in my mind, that day (and the voodoo hexes I have put on the receptionist and hairdresser at the salon - you think I'm kidding?) They think it is funny that I hold onto these memories all these years. At some point during these conversations, BT will stop laughing and ask me in all seriousness - do you regret doing it?

Not one single second


Amy said...

It never quite goes as planned, does it? But then in the end, the wedding isn't so important... just the marriage.

And for the record... I had lousy hair at my reception. Such a bummer. And I so wish I had hired a fabulous photographer... it's the one thing I wish I had spent $$$$$ on.

Melissa said...

Your dress was gorgeous! I had the opposite attitude about mine, but I know I was in the minority of brides. Since ours was largely DIY, we didn't have a lot of people to blame if anything went wrong, LOL. But luckily, only the minister and chapel were issues. And they were the shortest part of the day!

Cristina said...

congratualtions & happy anniversary.

Megan said...

That's a truly beautiful dress.

Abby said...

Congrats! Your dress was beautiful. I also curse my caterer for what she did to my wedding cake even though everybody else like it. She showed me one thing and then showed up to the wedding with another.

Barb said...

I love that you chose silk organza. Beautiful. Happy Anniversary. Time to make some of those holiday kracker sentiments have meaning ;)

eviedee said...

Happy anniversary!! My wedding cake and flowers were NOTHING like what I originally chose but since there were only 6 people at my reception I have VERY few witnesses! :)

Emy said...

Happy Anniversary! You looked beautiful. Memories are special no matter how many things went wrong.

telfair said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your dress was well worth whatever you spent on it -- my first thought (cheesy as it sounds) is that you look like a true princess.

If it's any consolation, my hair looked like crap on my wedding day, too, and I wanted to kill my stylist. I had no one but myself to blame, though, as I went to a Las Vegas casino salon, and what did I really expect?

Heatherly said...

i love the pin idea!
beautiful wedding!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I love it when wedding memories are shared. My wedding day was perfect save the hideous (to my eyes) babys breath that was put in my all white rose bouquet. I have pics of me and my maid of honor plucking it out and defiling it.

Miss Bliss said...

Happy late anniversary, I haven't had a chance to catch up with my blog buddies lately! Okay so, first, I love your dress, the fit looks perfect. And it doesn't matter what it cost, if you love it and look fantastic in it, and it is YOUR wedding day after all, you should get what ever your heart desires. I love the idea behind the pins, we had a lot of odd things at our wedding, well not really odd, but strange by traditional definition. So I can understand that one. Too bad about the hair, and hair being such a huge chick thing is a memory that will always be tarnished because of someone's mistake. So just blame the hell out of them and love looking back on your day!

Mary Ann said...

Oh i know exactly where that Salon is! My daughter had a prom disaster not nearly as bad as a wedding but you do look lovely!

Alicia P. said...

Gosh, this is awesome Jen. I loved reading it. And the dress? PERFECT. Perfect. Congratulations.