Friday, December 22, 2006

WIP Friday (#4)

Isn't that the worst name for a post the Friday before one is supposed to deliver their gifts?

First, what I did accomplish for the little ones in our life

For the three smallest babes in our circle of friends, a board book of The Snowman and a 2-D snowman plushie in a coordinating drawstring bag.

Then, what I didn't finish

These are the flannel story "boards" I mentioned way back when. Oh, if I only had the foresight to start these back at that time! They are going to be really cute (she says with the fabric lying uncut around her). Speaking of fabric, I found the perfect fabrics and trim to coordinate with the Swiss-themed story of the Gingerbread Baby

Instead of a board, I am making a fold up mat that can be transported easily. The board book version of the story will be in a pocket on the front. On the inside right-hand side will be a pocket that holds the felt pieces. I have most of the felt pieces cut out except for the people (Matti, and two girls with their braids tied together). BUT, just to make these a little different, I want to add a little bit of embroidery to each one - just a line or two that signifies that figure. For example, the pig will have a curly tail. That part is not done yet.

I didn't really have the design for the story board part worked out beforehand, and then to make 4 of these between last night and tonight - just isn't going to happen. In the past, I might have been able to pull an all-nighter (and all of my hair out) and get things done, but I just don't have it in me to do that this year. I'd rather find a fancy la-la restaurant to eat at with my hubby, drink a holiday-themed drink, and look at City + Christmas lights from on top of Signal Hill.

The gifts will get finished as quickly a I can manage. Luckily our nieces and nephews are too young to dwell on the fact that they did not receive a gift from Aunt Jen. But, they will appreciate having Well-Rested Auntie there tomorrow to smother them with hugs and kisses instead of Irritable Zombie Auntie. Nobody likes having her around.

Christmas - I must admit defeat this year...


Heidi said...

Congratulations to you for choosing the wiser path: sleep over perfectionism! I love this idea, though. There's always next year!

Amy said...

Such an amazingly great idea! My son would play with those story boards all the time. Love it. Love it.

jungle dream pagoda said...

That felt board idea is sooo cute!

Barb said...

Well, glad I'm not the only one who hasn't finished. I am sewing a pillow today. Not sure it will be done in time. I also have to finish a bbq apron. I've already made the sash, just have to sew it on, and I can't find it anywhere. Aaarrrrrgggghhh!

leslie said...

love that quarter flat from joanns, i live on those! i was supposed to make pillow cases and pajama bottoms for the kids. oh well, i can work on those over the next few months. no worries!
love the view from signal hill, isnt that new park amazing?