Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Vignette - Take Two (#21)

Holidays at my house are composed in vignettes. The snowmen go here, the Santas go there, and the skaters and their pond will be staged on top of the CD cabinet.

Actually I do not have a collection of snowmen or Santas. Despite what you think about me in relation to "stuff," outside of my craft supplies, I do not have many collections. I am a strange one when it comes to attaching sentimentality to items. Some things most would deem useless
(a quarter with a hole drilled through it) are among my most treasured possessions . Other things that people would deem very important (cards, pictures, ticket stubs, etc.), I throw away without a second thought.

Christmas is the same way. When I dig things out of the box, instead of fondly remembering them from the year previous, I question why I did not send everything off to Goodwill*. Maybe I get bored easily. Or I need better stuff that is more difficult to part with.
Guess I'm weird that way.

The skaters and snowman however were up last year and most likely will be around for years to come. I like the simplicity of this scene. The ice skaters are new version Barclay figures. Everything else was from Michaels. I can almost be sure that no additional snow frolicking Barclay figures will be joining the skating pair. I've seen too many winter collections get out of control, and it's just not my way. They will have the top of the CD cabinet all to themselves for as long as their little skates will carry them.

Still need some practice adjusting to the new camera (I've been cut off from the old one!) My focus is off, but look how WHITE everything is!!

*Don't worry Mom - this totally does not apply to items that you made for me! I'm not a monster!


Anonymous said...

This is so adorable! I have been trying to take pictures of my own christmas decorations and DANG it's difficult to capture the magic! You did a beautiful job!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Love this,itsbeautiful ,but mostly love that you do not attach to "things" . "Love people not things " my hub always sez', I'm still working on it. For me thats a tall order ,and I envy you!

Barb said...

Hmmm, this puts a kink in our future swap. Now I'm not so sure I know what to give you. I do not want to give anything that might wind up in the unwanted pile. I will have to give this careful consideration. I, on the other hand, rarely throw anything or give anything away. When I do, I always seem so want it back. I guess when in doubt, I can always a give fabric and candy :)

Anonymous said...

I pulled out a lot of my stuff and wondered why I have it as well. I think most will be repurposed if possible.

Your skaters are cute. I like the simplicity of the scene, and how the snowman adds a whimsical touch.

Anonymous said...

I kind of feel the same way, I have certain things that I can't part with, but others, that may mean something huge to someone else just kind of pass me by. I don't usually get attached to material things, I think of it as being to busy being wrapped up in the stuff that really matters to care who gave me what and why. But I can see where the attraction to this scene is coming from, love the crispness, and the snowman has the look of being robbed, "Hands up!" I found this very funny!

Coleen said...

Yeah, I got rid of so much stuff... I'm just ready to make more. Your Christmas decorations are just beautiful... especially these skaters!

telfair said...

Really gorgeous in its elegant simplicity -- the skaters and the snow and the snowman -- love them.