Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There Must Have Been Some Magic in that Old Cardboard Hat They Found... (#14)

Imagined conversation dated November 24, 2006 (day after Thanksgiving)

Bob: Well, I guess it's about time to put good 'ol Frosty up! (rubbing hands together with a gleam in his eye)

Susan: Right. Hon? I was thinking, maybe we could - well, I don't know how to say this. Maybe we could just put lights up this year, and not do Frosty? (biting thumb nail nervously)

Bob: But dear, everybody loves Frosty! Imagine the outcry in the neighborhood if Frosty didn't show up this year! The kids would be devastated - It's not Christmas without Frosty, they'd cry!

Susan: It seems to me that the kids mostly just enjoy playing jokes on him - stealing his nose, and poking holes in him...

Bob: That only happened one time! And I'm not entirely convinced that wasn't somebody in the neighborhood, an adult I mean, that was just jealous of our ability to use plastic sheeting so festively!

Susan: Well, I know he has kind of become the thing people associate us with. Like at the summer block party, Dave introduced us: Here is Bob and Susan - you know, the ones that convert the 8 foot high bush in their front yard into a Frosty head every Christmas? I'm just not sure when he said that, he meant it as a good thing...

Bob: Nonsense! Frosty is as much a part of the holidays as - I don't know what even compares - The Whitmans' tinfoil wrapped palm trees! Now, you just stop all of this nonsense and start working on Frosty's hat. I was thinking we could go a little taller this year. I mean, factoring in how much the bush grew this year and a bigger hat - why, Frosty could almost be as tall as the house this year if we really put some thought into this!

Susan: Right. Ok. So, is Frosty going to face north or south this year?


Sarah and Jack said...

LOL, well, I think Frosty is pretty clever. When we lived in Florida, we lived near the greatest Christmas house ever. They had snow!

Anonymous said...

I am in NJ now and every lawn is littered with these sad deflated balloon things each day! At night they blow them up. So sad.

shanna said...

oh my! i had to see the picture larger! there's a house in town that have 10 of those inflatable things in the yard! everything from santa on a harley to the giant snowglobe!