Thursday, December 07, 2006

Testing Your Holiday Catalog Recall (#19)

I'm sure you received a hundred of 'em this month - holiday catalogs tempting you to buy anything and everything under the sun. Most I at least flip through - unless I am particularly addled the day the catalog arrives. On those days, I cannot process any additional gift-giving advice without fear of my brain turning into marshmallow fluff. All of the ads this time of year end up in the recycling bin right after browsing. There is no saving of the Williams Sonoma catalog for a quiet evening, lounging on the sofa, pretending that I have all the money in the world to buy every conceivable knife for cutting all manner of produce, meats and cheeses that exist in this world and beyond.

(Our beautiful picture window that is most days covered with horrid mini blinds. These are the last windows in our rental that I need to address. Most people in our neighborhood don't have any window coverings on their picture windows. You truly get a snapshot of family life in the 'burbs walking through our neighborhood at night.)

So, assuming that your memory is better than mine, or that you saved your holiday catalogs, you may recognize this idea. As mentioned, I cannot remember which catalog this was from. I have no idea what was being sold on that page (the Christmas cards? I'm pretty sure that it was not the garland itself). I have a very faint memory of what the garland actually looked like, so this is my interpretation of a foggy memory.

(Optimistic that we will receive more cards than these four...)

Pretty simple, really. Just a piece of ribbon wrapped with wired pompom trim. This store used to be my source for wired pompoms, but now they have a very limited selection of colors. Have you all been raiding my ribbon store? Anyway, I found that the pompoms could be hot glued to a thin gauge wire very nicely. You can't thread them on the wire, because machine made pompoms don't really have a center. Anyway, just a little tip if you're source for wired pompoms is tapped out as well.

The cards are held on with a ribbon loop that is stapled
(to go with the wired pompoms) at the top and has an Italian paper clip at the bottom. Easy peasy! I hope to show you my Christmas cards this weekend. Even without wasting time reading catalogs I am woefully behind!


Anonymous said...

this looks so pretty! we just tape ours to the front door..we have a glass paneled door and my friend who lives across the way does it also. we tend to act entirely juvenile when adding new a mini competition to see who has the mostest...i got the first cards up this year! :)

Liz said...

What a nifty idea!
Your marshmallow comment inspired my latest blog entry. :}

stephanie said...

Ok, sadly, I think I know exactly which catalog this is from: Pier 1 Imports. They were advertising their UNICEF cards this way. I really liked the idea too and thought about doing it. Thanks for resurrecting the inspiration! I also like browsing through the catalogs. They are a step above junk mail but not quite real mail. I like the ideas I get from them.

Patricia said...

Great idea! I've hardly gotten any catalogs this year...or cards, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness for this idea! I really can't stand them taped all around arch ways and littering the front of ones fridge. I think I will be stealing this one if you don't mind!

Jennifer said...

Ding ding ding! Stephanie, you are totally right! I looked at the Pier 1 online catalog, and I surprisingly wasn't that far off. Thanks for jogging my memory!

Jenn said...

Very cool! I used red and green office clips to clip my cards along the edges of my curtains. This is so festive!

Sabine said...

Great Idea !! Didn't know how to arrange mine, but now I know it.
Greetings from Germany

Barb said...

Very nice. Honestly, I have never heard of Italian paperclips or wired pom poms. Where've I been? I'm fascinated with this concept now.