Saturday, December 09, 2006

Super Convenience!! (#17)

Today, I was supposed to show you my Christmas cards. Yeah - It's 8:17 p.m. and I'm just getting started on those. Well, actually now I am blogging, so I guess that project will be delayed even longer. One of those kind of days. And I know - I owe you a White Trash Christmas tree as well. It's half done, and hopefully will be completed in the next few days. How does this happen every year?

So instead, I bring you my new favorite place to shop - Famima!!

Trust me by the end of this post those of you outside the Los Angeles area are going to be soooo super jealous - This store seriously R-O-C-K-S! What is Famima? It is a Japanese inspired high end convenience store. Company motto: "It provides the need but satisfies the want". No more 7/11 or AMPM - this is where all the cool people are going to buy their cigs and - ah - organic rice snacks.

Does the word sushi mean more to you than a 2-week old pack of California rolls? Check out this selection

and there are entrees like beef curry and
spaghetti Bolognese, in addition to great salads, soup, steamed Chinese buns (oh gawd - I totally want a red bean paste bun now that I wrote that), pre-made sandwiches that they will grill for you panini style - you name it! No longer does your convenience store lunch have to consist of a shriveled up dehydrated hot dog.

Tired of settling for ding dongs when you need a sweet treat? Here is Famima's signature dessert

The Whole Lotta Banana - A chocolate-coated banana covered with whipped cream and wrapped in a pancake - yummers!

There is a bakery aisle filled with stuff you wouldn't be mortified to bring last minute to a work function

Japanese snacks and candy (but of course there's Pocky!)

A tea and coffee selection that does not include one flavor crystal variety

Toiletry items - some standards, and some Japanese items. More than likely the secret skin cream for beautiful porcelain skin can be found here

and - I hope you are sitting down for this - there is stationery



I tell you, I was in heaven. The only way I can tie this post to Christmas* is that I did some major gift shopping here, for myself and others. It's not every day you can claim you put a gift basket together for a friend at the convenience store, and that's a good thing.

Famima is sweeping through L.A. like wildfire - maybe if you're good, Santa will bring one to your city for Christmas?

*I know, Coleen - I'm pushing it...


Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to go to there FOREVER! Now, I HAVE to go! I went to Felt Club today-found tons of Christmas goodies. Thanks for posting about all the fun things to do in L.A!

Megan said...

I'm so hungry now. Chocolate covered bananas with cream in a pancake? Mate. Seriously.

Liz said...

All of this stuff looks great!
I can see that California is changing since I was a kid.
If we wanted Japanese groceries when I was younger we had to take a trip to Gardena.
It was funny when I went to visit family in Costa Rica and one of the first things I noticed was a Yohan Market. :}

jungle dream pagoda said...

How fun,any nods to Sailor Moon? Please ,please,please come to Dallas!

shanna said...

i doubt oregon would "allow" a store like that! we don't even have an ikea!

i'll have to find it when we go to visit the hubster's family; they live in camarillo.

Patricia said...

Now that's something you'd never find in my corner of the world. Now if you're looking for something Nascar or with the words "Git R done" we've got you covered. Heaven help us!

Anonymous said...

I am so going to find one of these stores!! I live in the SoCal area!! I can't wait to try one of those bananas!! Thanks for letting us in on this wonderful store!!

Mary Jane said...

So jealous. I grew up in Seattle where theres the fab Uwagimaya... in the northern hinterlands, there's nothing Japanese...

Anonymous said...

you are so in you are beyond it! :) i have never ever heard of this FAMIMA...must go find now!

leslie said...

i drove by that place and wondered what it was! now that i have 20 extra minutes for lunch today i am blasting over there! thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I might need to get myself on a plane just for the stationery...