Monday, December 11, 2006

Say Hello to my Little Friends (#15)

Working on collecting those "better" Christmas items that will be harder to get rid of in coming years.

Meet Tootsie and Tinker Twinkle (Tootsie's the girl, natch) by Lori Mitchell. I heart them to pieces! BT thinks they look like zombie elves, so I guess he likes them as well.

Here's to hoping that you came home to less pine needle-laden cat barf than I did today!


Anonymous said...

They're just adorable! They look kind of surprised, though. LOL

elizabeth said...

i think they are too stinkin' cute!!

and yuck to what you came home to.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, our cats and the trees means way too much barf over here also. GAG.

Barb said...

Lol. I'm familiar with the barf. Keep them away from tinsel though. That's really gross.

Costco has some whimsical stuff like those elves. You might see if they have any left at the one near you.

Anonymous said...

carpet cleaner-$4.97
carpet deoderizer $2.50
sweet kitty pine breath in the morning-priceless.

Can you tell that I put up with years of naughty Christmas kitty?

jungle dream pagoda said...

They look like theyv'e been hittin' the eggnog! Good for them!
Oh and our poor putty cat barfed on Jack Skellingtons hand(Crooked Halo was none too happy!).

Coleen said...

They're so fun! What do you think their faces are saying.... ? :) Have a happy Wednesday!