Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keeping China in Business (#5)

Preparing for BT's family Christmas

Family stockings' (known as their "socks") contents:

~ Orange in the toe
~ Wrapped candies
~ Candy cane
~ At least one personal item
~ At least one fun item (more fun than practical for the youngsters)

I ended up buying 4 items each for 20 people, mostly from dollar stores or the dollar section of Michaels*. I could have bought more expensive, quality Made in USA goods, but I like to have some money left in my bank account at the end of the month. I could have made everything, but I like my sanity. We could just not do the stockings, but we like traditions, and we've ended up being responsible for the stockings each year. Sorry folks if you hadn't realized it up until this point - you've stumbled upon the blog of a consumer whore.

Stocking tutorial next year - promise!

* Just to redeem myself slightly, I will say that I didn't buy any of these items from the Target dollar section. Why? My SIL's mom worked for Target for 20 years. They just laid her off and screwed her out of her pension. I couldn't very well give my SIL stuff from the store that treated her mom so poorly. So, I made a no Target rule for everything I gave to their family. See? There may be a shopping conscience hiding in there after all...


debs said...

You are such a great relative. I hope your family appreciates you because if they don't I'm going to adopt you, ok?

Barb said...

Stocking stuffers are my absolute favorite thing to receive and to buy. So much fun.