Wednesday, December 20, 2006

180 Degrees (#6)

What these* are (and what they are not)

- Paper mache birdhouses
(cardstock people houses)

- Covered in vintage music pages and scrapbook paper (covered in glass glitter)

- Adorned with a 25 cent French horn, jingley bead-y garland, and a dove (adorned with a chenille wreath and a tiny tree)

- Hole covered with vellum so Christmas tree light inserted in back shines through (same idea, except would have been used over house's windows)

- Wrapped in white paper bags with a star sticker holding the recipient's name (Gifted in the perfect vellum handle bag that the scheister drop/ship company I ordered them from didn't have connections with the supplier anymore anyway, so they never came - with a hang tag stamped with a house image)

Sometimes you start with an idea, and end up 180 degrees from where you started. And, if you are lucky, you are still very happy with the results.

* 12 made, for BT's siblings and misc. family, our friends, and a neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I love your birdhouses! And with your sweet packaging, what great gifts!

Check out my design blog at, post titled 'Babies & Birdies' - and you'll see that I made some, too!

(Great creative minds...!)

Patricia said...

Great idea! I love the music paper! You've been busy!

elizabeth said...

those are super cute.

girl, where do you find the time to get all this stuff done? you amaze me.

Liz said...

Such pretty birdhouses!

Have a Merry Christmas FELTY!

(((((GIANT HUGS)))))

Coleen said...

You truly amaze me! Those are absolutely beautiful! The music paper is such a lovely touch! 2 days to go and I'm still stuck on #9-- I have lots to do! :)

Barb said...

Adorable! I don't know how I missed this post before!