Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanksgiving Swap ~ Sent

All that fuss and worry for nothing - Patricia has her Thanksgiving swap package in her hands!

I made her a penny rug, and, before you ask, there is not a machine stitch on it. This ended up being one of those God-what-did-I-get-myself-into projects, probably about halfway through. But, I am truly happy with the results, and hope Patricia is too.

The name "penny rug" is a bit of a misnomer. They were never hardly ever used as rugs on the floor, but are used more like table runners, or wall hangings. I didn't measure mine, but I think it is about 24 inches square. The original penny rugs were made using coins as templates, but I did not use any coins to design this "rug."

In fact, I didn't have much to go on in designing this project. I wanted to make a penny rug sometime before the end of the year based on this one in the At Home America catalog. When the Thanksgiving swap came up, it seemed like a good fit. I was going to make one nearly identical, in fact, but Shanna clearly stipulated that the item we crafted should have Thanksgiving/Fall images incorporated, hence the pilgrim


Indian corn

and pumpkin

All the images are cut from wool felt, and appliqued using a blanket stitch to the felt background. I think the turkey was my favorite. The "rug" looked nice on my square coffee table, so I hope that it fits the proportions of a table at Patricia's house.

I also threw in a couple other goodies to help Patricia celebrate the Thanksgiving season

Thank you again, Shanna, for hosting this fun swap. Now it's on to the apron swap, which it sounds like I am woefully behind the other participants in completing. Never fear - Procrastination is my middle name!

Other penny rug resources:

Roosters and Flowers Penny Rug on HGTV
* Penny rug kits
* Wee Wonderfuls' modern interpretation


Patricia said...

Hi Jennifer!
I hope you got the email I sent you, if not please let me know so I can resend. My daughters fought over the penny rug and each got to put it by her bed for a night. Tomorrow it goes on the dining room table! Thanks again.

Barb said...

Holy crap, rock. I can see why the hubby liked it so much. Wow. Really really really nice work.
Speaking of swaps, let's do a swap after Christmas. I already have some ideas in mind :)

Anonymous said...

That penny rug is too cute!

Dorie said...

So wonderfully done! I am especially fond of the Indian corn.

telfair said...

That penny rug is spectacular! It's such a work of art, really, and done all by hand? I'm gobsmacked. Did you cut the designs out by hand, too, or did you have stencils or templates for them?

So, so pretty.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, all, for the penny rug love!

Telfair ~ I did not use a template for the designs. I did look at Word images for "corn" to determine a way to simplify the kernels, but still look like corn. But other than that, I just kind of went for it. I didn't even cut the designs out from paper first - just cut the pieces out and hoped for the best!

Greta said...

awesome peny are sooo talented

Christina said...

Wow! I LOVE that rug, you did a wonderful job! I love the indian corn, too cute!

Is that a Trader Joes Pumpkin mix I spot? Pumpkin!?!?! I gotta go check that out!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I think you could start a business ,designing and selling penny rugs,dang child! blow me away!

Heidi said...

That is gorgeous. And I love the fall colors. Maybe you should make a pattern, because I'd love to make it too (someday, like next yeras).

Amy said...

That is beautiful. I've always wanted to make a penny rug, but now that I've looked at yours and all the detail... it looks like a lot of work :)
Your swap recipient was very lucky.