Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tell me this has happened to you

I stopped to get groceries last night, and, despite being in my Fall mode, I did purchase the special edition of Martha. You know - the one featuring handmade gifts for the holidays? I hope that doesn't sound contradictory to my post from yesterday... But - what I read shouldn't be subject to the "Fall only" rule, right? My thoughts can be looking towards the future, even if I am living in the present.

Anyway, I paid for the magazine, and the checkout lady even commented on how there were some really great ideas in this issue, but somehow it didn't end up in my bag! By the time I realized it, I was already at home and in relax mode. Then today I didn't want to go back and try to argue why I didn't go back sooner to retrieve it, and risk getting that look of, oh sure, it's our fault - like you don't already have this at home, all dog-eared and cut up with chocolate smears on the pages you really liked - yeah right. Or however they look at you when you try to go back and get an item that didn't end up in your grocery bag...that's just how I interpret it.

Maybe somebody can help me out? I cannot justify spending another $7 for the same magazine, so instead I offer a book that I received a few years ago for free

The clerk bagged it without scanning it, and I didn't realize I got it for free until the next day when I was balancing our checkbook. I have since decided that I am not really into collage, but this seems like a good book. So, I'll trade you? This book for an issue of Martha Stewart Holiday Handmade Gifts that you have already read?


vegasandvenice said...

Hello miss,

I would be all to happy to send you a copy of this magazine. I am really sorry that your copy did not get into your bag!!

Send me an e-mail if you like and we can chat about the best way to get it into your lovely hands!

Anonymous said...

Normally when they forget something they set it to the side. I wouldn't feel bad at all about going back for it!!
It has happened to me twice with shampoo! In a row!
Good luck!

jek-a-go-go said...

oh i hate when that happens! now i make sure to call as soon as i discover it and get amanger's name and tell them what day i can return to pick up the item. that way they are nice and i have a name of soemone i spoke to.

i just got that mag also and whle i am not giving gifts this year it is a great resource for ideas...if i wasn;t so attached i would share. i am bad. i hope you get one soon!


Kim in Carlsbad said...

Hi there
Ok I picked up the mag too and I have been flipping through it this weekend. I agree - next time call they will totally hold one aside for you. What is sad about me and the magazine is that I am not as crafty as all of you and I will never really get the time or have the talent to make these things and if I did they will somehow look like a 3 year old did them so for me the joy is in looking at the pictures and imagining that, yes I could whip that together in just a few spare minutes! I am so inspired by you crafty gals!
If you don't get your mag you can also e-mail me and I will happily send you mine!