Thursday, November 16, 2006

So - I'm a big fat liar

Well, not technically. My desire to stay Fall-focused was self-imposed and applies to me. This is for somebody else...

My Missionary cousin-in-law, to be exact. I busted my brain all month to think of a Fall-themed care package. I didn't really come up with anything stellar, but then I got to thinking about December.

Next month's package will be all about the gifts, so this month's package should be all about decorating!
Garland, a mini tree and ornaments, window clings, a door hanger, and a string of Christmas lights

Plus a few treats to get in the holiday spirit

I made him a mini version of the stockings BT's family uses for Christmas

(like these*)

The older stockings were handmade by BT's grandma, and the ones for new additions to the family are made by Tim's mom. His real stocking will still be hung up this year at his parents' house, but I thought I would send him a substitute one (with a flag of the Philippines where he is serving his Mission) to remind him of home. Well, the stocking part is meant to remind him of home - I guess he does not need a reminder that he is in a foreign country far away from his family. The first Christmas away from home is so hard...

* Don't worry - this picture was taken last year. There are no Christmas decorations inside the house yet. I must admit I am totally smitten with these stockings, though, and can't wait to unpack them!


Anonymous said...

i love the stocking sooooo much! i think it may time for new ones in our house this year!

jungle dream pagoda said...

OOO.that heirloom stocking garland is yummy!How thoughtful a package too!

mo said...

Thats a great package! I was so pleased today to see that our neighbors have put up their christmas lights on the house. My hubby would never want to be the first to get them up but now we won't be. So I guess you know what I will be doing this weekend! Keep the great holiday ideas coming!

telfair said...

Reading this got me all excited for Christmas.

I LOVE those stockings (they looked a bit like prayer flags, all lined up like that) and I think your package is so thoughtful and sweet.