Monday, November 20, 2006

Preparing for a feast

We are hosting 6 1/2 guests this year for Thanksgiving. The most we have ever hosted is 17 adults, and 5 children, so we consider this a *small* gathering.

It's funny - Growing up as an only child, many Thanksgivings were just me and the folks. It's so different now that I have the opportunity to host large dinners and events. "Just family" ends up being quite a few on BT's side, but I love to have everyone over. My Mom wonders where I get my mad hostessing skills from. I think they have always been there, lying dormant - I was meant to be part of a big family.

One trait I have expressed my entire life, on the other hand, is my tendency to go "overboard." It should be enough just to host a nice dinner, but nope - I gotta go crazy with decor. This year my table decor color theme is pistachio green and orange. The favor bags were my inspiration

and also purchased before I considered what I would put in them. Luckily Cost Plus saved my heinie, and I found these lovely cookie boxes in the same colors

I just dressed them up with a glittery pinecone, also from CP. These did seem a little girlie, though, and besides they only had 5 boxes that weren't all beat up.

What to do for the men? Pistachio green and orange...

Pistachios! I made little drawstring bags and filled them with these little green nuts - or fruit, whatever they are.

And my little "half" gets his own special placesetting

My nephew is super excited about Santa and Christmas this year. Only special little someones are allowed to disrupt Aunt Jen's themes.

But wait - there's more! I painted a couple of candlesticks with gold stripes

I promised myself that I wasn't going to use any raffia this year (I'm a country girl at heart), but it always seems to make its way onto my T-day table despite my best intentions.

And this was a project I have been meaning to do for years.

The original idea was in a scrapbooking magazine that is now defunct. Their version was more country (lots of raffia). I used what I had on hand, so even though I thought of lots of embellishments that would have worked better, I was glad just to get the whole thing done in one night. Now I can move onto more important things, like polishing silverware.

~ Continued ~

I really like Emy's idea to post something we are thankful for every day this week. So, here is the first thing I'm thankful for -

Shoes! Just kidding - really - keep reading. As a reformed shoe addict (maximum collection in my 20s reached 70 pairs + numerous pairs of flip flops), I take it easy on the shoe purchases now. My point here is to discuss being in the right place at the right time. Like, when you beg the hubby to stop at Nordstrom Rack for just 10 minutes, and your first glance at the jumbled shoe section reveals the Born sandals you couldn't possibly live without for one more second. For $39.90. The right place at the right time. Kind of like meeting said husband, online, in a chat room, way before it was socially acceptable to date people you met online. Being in the right place at the right time - that is what I am thankful for...


mo said...

And why not go overboard? Its fun for you and for the recipients of your overboarding. Looks like it will be a great time at your house!

Anonymous said...

I always go overboard too. As in cooking for 30 people instead of just us 3. My husband actually told me to scale down a little.
Nice shoes. Loves them too, but rarely wear them all.

Miss Bliss said...

Wow, all I'm doing is making a pumpkinesk cake thing... You Rule!!!! Love, Love, Love the little ones own setting, too cute, with a goodie bag all their own, perfect. Can I come to your house for turkey day?????

Anonymous said...

love, love, love the give thanks sign! Your whole Thanksgiving decor is fabulous!

Amy said...

I met my husband online six and a half years ago and it was not the social norm then at ALL. We lied about it to everyone and fabricated a story about how we met. We finally came out to everyone after the stigma dissapated a bit. Now it's nothing unusual at all. What a difference a few years can make. I often marvel at the serendipity of us finding each other at that particular "place and time."
I have those same exact shoes, by the way.
Great decs!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors you have chosen to decorate your Thanksgiving table cheerful!

And...I also love those shoes. I have a rosey pink suede pair of Born shoes that I love too, and they are so comfortable, in addition to being cute. :-) Perhaps I will post a photo of them myself. lol


eviedee said...

I am always SO impressed by your craftiness! Fabulous decorations!

telfair said...

These are so fabulous -- I wish I could come over for dinner at your house someday. It's so cool to read someone who loves hostessing, and doesn't get stressed out about it -- I totally do! I wish I could open up and enjoy it and make the beautiful things to show everyone how excited I am, but I just get too anxious about everything. My in-laws come next week for seven days and my hair is already coming out in clumps.

Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer & BT!!

Barb said...

Cost Plus ornaments rock. It's also the best place ever to get gift basket goodies at a reasonable price. For the candy alone the place is worth it. Trader joes too.

Felt Club said...


I totally want to sneak into your Thanksgiving dinner next year. BOY you do it up right!! :D