Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not Ready

I'm just not ready to leave Fall yet!

I see you, Christmas - how can I not. You are positively everywhere. You left no room for Fall this year. I guess most stores have given up on selling Fall merchandise. The ones that did just put anything Fall on clearance right after Halloween
and shuffled everything together in a back corner to make room for the much more lucrative Christmas.

Which I guess I shouldn't complain about too much - as everything shown in these pictures (except for my giant turkey!) cost about $5.

but Fall is my favorite season, and I am going to try really hard to stay in a Fall mindset this month. I'm sure, dear readers, you can get your Christmas fix elsewhere.

OVer here we'll be talking turkey - and pilgrims, and acorns, and speaking in shades of orange, red, and brown.

Speaking of turkeys, here is new favorite thing - a giant ceramic turkey! My most favorite local boutique had their first Christmas by Candlelight open house last night. The store is open late several nights during the "Christmas" season, and they serve little munchies and sangria to enjoy while you are browsing. The store itself is teeny tiny, but it is stuffed floor to ceiling with the most wonderful things. Everyone was in Christmas mode, of course, but I was gobbling up (pardon the pun) turkeys, like this guy for $21 (which I think is a steal).

So, Fall - I have not forgotten about you. True, my eyes may wander this month, and it would be good if I got a start on Christmas craft gifts, but I will do my best to enjoy your warmth and bounty with a thankful heart.


Heidi said...

Your display is so pretty! I think Thanksgiving/Harvest/Fall has always gotten short shrift in the past for decorating. Growing up, we always decorated like crazy for Halloween and Christmas but skipped T-day. I'm finding now that I'm older and have my own home that I'm really liking fall colors and I'm slowly finding a few more Thanksgiving decorations. I love your turkey!

elizabeth said...

what a gorgeous display you have for thanksgiving.

i'm with ya 100%. christmas can wait until after thanksgiving. i mean its bad enough that it get shoved down our throats before halloween.


Miss Bliss said...

Love your decorations! That HUGE turkey is great and I agree, what a steal! I whole heartedly feel your sorrow for fall being passed over. For some reason it seemed much more obvious this year. So you go on and celebrate!!!! I, for one appreciate it!

lera said...

Your Thanksgiving/autumn display is lovely.

jungle dream pagoda said...

What beautiful thanxgiving decor,I have not put out the whole display and probably won't this year with all the travel(nobody to enjoy it )That way I can get Christmas up faster!