Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is it just me...

...or is the world just becoming a sillier place to live? I guess today isn't really a good day to judge. My boss and I left at 5:30 a.m. for a meeting. He wanted to avoid traffic. I wanted to sleep in - but - I guess he's the boss. We ended up with about 2 1/2 hours to kill before the meeting. I was probably just hopped up on caffeine, but I laughed so hard at this picture that I choked on my sausage breakfast Jack

Nope. It's still funny. Those of you that don't have Jack-In-The-Box restaurants probably don't know or care who Jack is - but those that do, this is pretty damn funny, no? Can you see the burger bun belt buckle? Come on - hilarious.
There was also some kind of music video playing on a monitor by the soda machine with floating tacos in space and a satellite with Jack's hat on it. I was nearly in tears.

Then we headed to K*nk0's to download a copy of the presentation that my boss forgot in his sleep-deprived stupor, and this was at the workstation next to us

("you must all go to K*nk0's and counterfeit money!!!!")

Again, peals of laughter from yours truly. Luckily my boss is used to me finding humor in the mundane, and lucky for me there is plenty of random humor in the world to satisfy my soul. Ever since I missed a prime shot of "The Chill Mobile" (a pimped out ice cream truck, complete with spinners), I am trying to photo document the one or two things that help me get through my work day.

Really, I am just stalling until I can get a day shot of the projects I am working on and/or Patricia receives her T-day swap package - I can't wait to share!

* After showing up in a search for this post (honest), I don't want to piss off the feds again, so I will refrain from mentioning the word "counterfeit" and a popular copy center in the same post. I do not condone the act of counterfeiting $ (ob). But it is pretty darn funny to see a modified advertising pamphlet encouraging said act (hehe).


Anonymous said...

That Jack is pretty funny!
On a side note, its a shame that you can't mention certain words together without fear. It gets worse when you have kids and they start talking...

elizabeth said...

what a riot.

hey, my pkg to you should be arriving soon. take great pictures b/c due to my foggy disposition, i completely forgot to do that :)

eviedee said...

There is a taco truck in my neighborhood with Rambo painted all over it. Every time a see it I laugh. Isn't life wonderful when you find humor in the everyday!