Monday, November 06, 2006

I would be super jealous...

of Lisa-Gabrielle of Jungle Dream Pagoda for heading off to Hawaii, except that she sent a wonderful tiki-themed package my way before she left for her trip! The box included

A tiki mug, being sized up by part of the welcome committee.

A bartender recipe glass

that will be used to hold our swizzle stick collection - recently acquired from a thrift store. Isn't it sad to think of all the "good" things that get tossed at some thrift stores that the clerks can't see the value in trying to sell (fabric comes to mind...), but somebody had the wherewithal to salvage somebody's collection of plastic disposable drink sticks and sell them for $2.50? But guess what - somebody bought them!

Shag's Tiki Drinks book

shown with a glass of Planter's Punch.*

And the piece de resistance - this fab-u cocktail apron!

So, I may not be in Hawaii, but I can listen to some island music, sipping my tropical drink, wearing the pretty orchid-colored muumuu sent to me last week by Alicia

and just dream. I tell you - a girl could get used to being spoiled like this!

* Recipe for Planter's Punch

2 oz. dark rum
3 oz. OJ
Juice of half of a lemon or lime
1 tsp. sugar
Dash of grenadine

Fill a cocktail shaker (tell me this one isn't the coolest - glad Christmas is coming!) with ice, add ingredients, and shake well. Pour into a collins glass and garnish with maraschino cherry. Aloha!


elizabeth said...

what fab goodies. next time you have a tiki party, make sure to put me on the invite list :)

Heidi said...

Lisa-Gabrielle sends great packages! This one was no exception. Love that apron--very kicky!

Barb said...

Oh my God...that apron rocks. I think you (hint) need to have a tiki party, a luau, somekind of thank God it's still 80 degrees in California in November party.

Barb said...

Oh wow, I just checked that link. Restoration Hardware used to sell those, but way more $. I bought a polar bear one for a client once. On ebay, I bought blown glass pineapple swizzle sticks, and at Cost Plus I got the little plastic mermaids that hang on drinks. I love that stuff.

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am so excited that you love your stuff!I knew that stuff would find a good home!