Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting there...

I decided to ditch my last fall project idea, and have been easing into Christmas. Here is my first project in progress

*! Just kidding. Mel might recognize what these pompoms are destined for (from Country Home Holiday?)

So, where's the new camera, your over-stimulated eyes may be asking? I am a techo-reject, so I will need BT to explain everything to me 6 or 7 times before I can even find the button to snap a picture. A few of the Thanksgiving pics I posted were taken with the new camera (by BT, of course). You would not believe the snowy whiteness of the pictures it takes. It looks - pardon the dramatics - heavenly. For someone that has constantly struggled against too yellow (see above) or too blue (see below) with her current camera, this was the thing that made me grin from ear to ear. Oh, and that you can have an isolated subject (blurry in front and behind). You'll probably have to check back with me when you're sitting in the nursing home before I figure out how to use that feature, but I'm optimistic.

Speaking of Christmas crafts, I have a question for the experts (that's you guys!) If one were to make pinecone ornaments with snow on them (think 60s scrap craft), what would you use for the snow? Is it that stuff that comes in a spray can, or something else? I guess I could just use white paint, but the vintage stuff seems chalky. Sometimes there is even glitter in it. Help!

* Official Star Wars Geek, not a Trekkie. Sorry if I misled anybody.


jungle dream pagoda said...

It would be an interesting experiment to used canned snow and then perhaps,spray a clear sealer? hmmm,dunno.

shanna said...

they make this thick, paint like "snow"...a lot of times you'll find it around the ceramic crafts or in a hobby shop in the model railroad layout/scenery department. there's also a powdery, shake on kind you can find too. you might want to ask Alicia (; she made some flocked pinecones in her post from the 28th of this month.

Coleen said...

Now that you know I'm your swap sender, I want to say I'm sooooo sorry I forgot to do embellished cards, and that I really, really hope you like the apron. It was my first... I have to stress that because I keep visualizing that it won't stay together! :) Can't wait for Friday!
P.S. Want to do 25 Posts of Christmas? You could do, like 2 or 3 pics a post so it wouldn't be 25 days... I just love to see what you're up to... so creative!

Barb said...

Tribbles, lol. That made me laugh immediately. One of my favorite episodes. No aplogies necessary. I was living in Aptos once (outside Santa Cruz in Northern California). In order to afford to live at the beach (literally), I had 5 roommates. One night someone turned the tv on and the Star Trek sound track came by one each roommate came upstairs to gather around the tv. It still rocks after all these years. Star Wars, on the other hand, I could never get into.

Barb said...

Also, I think Aleene's makes a fake snow. It's like an applied glue with glitter in it. Or literally just use glue with opalescent glitter. Michaels has some options.