Friday, November 03, 2006

The Boo Radley of My Street

I have had an abundance of good fortune this week finding things I thought were long gone.

Until recently, I prided myself on my memory for where things were located. I'm sure crafty types can relate to having "miscellaneous" storage bins that house possibly hundreds of trinkets, beads, bits, and bobs that only you can see the value in keeping.

Well, lately, I've been misplacing a lot of objects, craft and otherwise. It could be the cats running off with something. It could be that our house is getting messier. It could be that I have too much stuff to keep track of. Or, it could just be a function of getting older, and the mind isn't working as well.

So, I was thrilled to find four missing items in one week!

Item: A pinwheel that I wanted to fin
d to send out with Jek's swap package
Time missing: 3 months
Found: Behind the computer desk. I put it on top of the desk for safe keeping, and it fell behind the desk when BT was ransacking the desk looking for a CD he had lost.

Item: Half of a magnetic purse clasp
Time missing: 2 months
Found: In a corner where the carpet has worn thin. Just caught the glimpse of something shiny, and there it was.

Item: A turquoise earring
Time missing: 6 months
Found: The cats found this one, as was appropriate as they were the ones that probably lost it in the first place. They were both in the bathroom crouched down looking at something under the vanity. I never figured out what the "something" was that they were interested in, but when I bent down to look, I saw my earring in the space left by a missing tile.

Item: A yarn needle
Time missing: 4 months
Found: In my sewing box. Not sure how it made its way into there, but that place is an abyss.

I also unpacked my Thanksgiving decorations today. Among the decorations were pieces from past favors, placecards, and crafts from past holidays. It's nice to save some of these things as a reminder, but I don't think I need multiples of each item.

So, I'm donating these items to the stinky carob tree. I have always put things that I find in this tree - interesting rocks, feathers, toys. A Giving Tree, if you will. It usually takes awhile for somebody to notice the items, but eventually they all get taken. I'd like to think that it is a kid who thinks that there is a real life Boo Radley in their neighborhood. Or maybe somebody who is having a bad day and needs a pick-me-up. Most likely it is our neighbors, who seem to always be on the lookout for free/interesting stuff to take, rather than give. It is odd to go into their house and all of the things we leave in the alley (for the alley fairies - the other mythical entities that exist in our neighborhood) end up in their house. I wonder if they know the stuff was ours - they don't say anything about it if they do.

Anyway, this is the first time I've left homemade items in The Giving Tree. We'll see if we have any takers. I'll try to put one thing out a week and see what moves the fastest - maybe it will help me figure out what I should be focusing on to make to sell, huh?


Anonymous said...

love "to kill a mockingbird". one of my favorites! we have ally faries as well. saves us from taking the falling apart end table to the dump! been lurking for a while, but boo radley made me a commenter! great blog!

telfair said...

That's a great idea. I'll bet the acorn goes first...

caro said...

4 lost items is really good for one week. And I'm in LOVE with the giving tree. Awesome idea.

jungle dream pagoda said...

So cool. My money's on the birdie to "fly" away 1st

Barb said...

I love this idea too. If I saw it though, I wouldn't think I was allowed to take anything. Alleys, now that's a different story. I love alleys right before trash day. A couple of weeks ago I got a brand new bookcase that is perfect for the laundry soaps and stuff. Not sure why the city gov't tries to discourage that.

Miss Bliss said...

How sweet are you??? And congrats on all of the finds, I am lucky if I know where my car keys are on a daily basis, so finding bonus things other than what I need to actual drive the car,....sweet!!!!!

Liz said...

The giving tree is such a great idea.
One of my favorite children's writers is Shel Silverstein.
His "Falling Up" poetry book is so funny.

Gina said...

wow, lots of goodies.

lera said...

congrats on finding so many lost items! i *hate* losing things. HATE it!!

and i love the "giving tree." what a cool idea.

mo said...

You inspire me in two ways today- with the thought that I might still find that box of vintage christmas cards in this house somewhere, and with the sweet tree idea. My money is on the cute little acorn. We had a tree in our neighborhood growing up where there would always be bits of paper with little written things on them. You could go and read them or take them or whatever. We have a fun tree outside so I think I will follow your example.

robyn said...

You have left me very inspired. My parents have a great tree in their yard, it gives the most wonderful pinecones and it is most oddly shaped so everyone in town knows it. Sometimes you will look out their kitchen window to see a mother and child picking up a couple pinecones, other times you will see a person stealthfully trying to fill up a paper grocery bag. It would be a great idea to leave some additional gifts on the tree and see if there are any takers.