Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zombies Invade Hollywood!

Remember - You have been warned. Here is a handbook to help you make it through this post alive

This is one of those strange events where if you have to ask why, you just don't get it. That's alright - I don't really get it either. You see for me, this was money in the bank. I dress up and act like a zombie in one of the most crowded places in Los Angeles* at my husband's request, and in turn I get things like a ride to Felt Club today, and get to go apple picking later this month. You get it now? And just so you don't think I'm the only one that would do this type of thing, see here and here.

So, without further ado, here I am as Corporate Zombie

It was not really clear how I died. It seems I was viciously mauled on my face and legs, and I also had my arm ripped off while I was trying to call for help. Having some sense of my old self, I couldn't be without my phone, so I picked my arm up and kept going. Please note that IS NOT my nipple. I am wearing a flesh colored tank top under the lace one. I didn't realize how nippley my makeup job looked until I saw these pics.

Everyone always says that my legs are my best feature

BT was also a corporate zombie

Sorry - he was a little pissed about being zombified after an already bad day at the office.

Ahhh - Don't we make a cute couple?

Our friend Kent was an In-N-Out, a popular California burger joint, employee zombie

Would you like eyes with that? More pics on Kent's Flickr.

Everyone was pretty excited for him that an In-N-Out restaurant was on our route. Everyone, that is, except the restaurant employees, who didn't really know what to do when 70 or so zombies stampeded the place. Really, we were a polite group. By law we could not touch anybody, and of course even dressed up as a social deviant still does not give you permission to destroy anything.

I was really worried about the event, as this is sooooo not the kind of thing I am into. I took everything in baby steps. It was fun to pick out my outfit from the thrift store. I had a blast putting on the makeup (courtesy of my BIL's costume shop - shameless promo for all the SoCal folks out there). The drive was funny, as we were so out of context. Luckily being October I guess people expect to see just about anything. Putting the liquid blood on grossed me out thoroughly - I almost started crying. Once we were with the whole group of zombies, I felt ok to at least walk like a zombie. I couldn't really bring myself to make noises, though, and I couldn't look at anybody or I would start busting up. Overall the zombie walk was pretty fun, and I'd actually probably do it again - even without promises for spending equal time doing things I want to do.

Since this is the first time you've seen me up close and personal, I guess I can't leave you wondering if maybe I really am a zombie. So, here I am in my everyday makeup

So yep - that's the real me. If you have a heart, you'll wait a couple of days to drop me from Bloglines if you are totally repulsed. Apparently, associating yourself with Mormons and posting a picture of a bloody hand in the same week is the equivalent of blog suicide, so I not feeling the love as of late. I know those of you that are left, though, understand who I am - mostly cute, but not too sugary sweet, with a bit of a sick and twisted side. I suspect many of you are cut from the same cloth, loyal readers - I see a Happy Pack in your future!

* Funny - wasn't I just talking about Hollywood being a freak show, and now I was part of it?


crazycatladymel said...

Love it! Hub and I are zombie fans, and would participate in a heartbeat if there was a similar event up here in MI.

Last month, we filmed small parts in a small indie horror film, which was too fun. Here's me knitting as a zombie:

I really like the details in your costume - especially the legs & the wig (I didn't enjoy washing all that crap out of my hair). You've kicked off the season with a bang!

Miss Bliss said...

OMG, we have that book! As well as World War Z. And the funny freakin' part about them is that Max Brooks is Mel Brooks son, yep the same dude who wrong Blazing Saddles, that's right, let that soak in.....

Your costume is fantastic, the legs are great! The makeup is perfection! And we finally get to see what you look like, watch out for the crazed fans chasing after you on your bike now!

shanna said...

i'm totally speechless! it looks like so much fun though! i think you and the hubs pulled off the zombie look perfectly!

telfair said...

Oh my gosh, you are so freaking cute in real life! I'm pleased to inform you that you look very much like I always imagined you when I was reading your blog.

I love the corporate zombie idea. Sometimes that's exactly how I feel when I'm coming home from work.

Cristina said...

Oh, that is hilarious!!!!! You all look hideous (and I mean that as a compliment...) Everyone looks like they had so much fun, thanks for posting.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Mel! I totally gave you props for your zombie prowess (see 2nd "here" link after the book pic)! You and Mary were the pioneers in this arena, and let me know that sane women do stuff like this sometimes.

The makeup was a bitch to get off - especially the waxy stuff used to make the wounds. That got in my hair as well, and was a real pain. Course the guys both have buzzed heads, so they didn't have to worry about such things. Thankfully the blood was easy to clean off, and even came out of white towels and stuff it touched.

Miss Bliss ~ I did not know that about Max Brooks. Definitely food for thought...

Telfair ~ I'm glad to hear that I met your expectations! The Corporate Zombie idea was definitely a reflection on how maybe some of us are zombies, and don't even know it.

elizabeth said...

those costumes are terror-ific! i love the idea that you would be holding the arm with the cell phone with the other arm (okay...does that make sense?)

and seriously, how friggin' cute are you???? and i guess you're right...that is the first pic we have seen of you. i don't know why you're hiding yourself. you look smashing darling. simply smashing (said of course in my best hoyty toyty older rich lady voice :)

crazycatladymel said...

Dur! I totally forgot that you'd commented on that pic!! It is so fun, isn't it?

Barb said...

hahahahaha Mormons and zombies....
I can't believe I missed this until now. You must have posted this when my computer was on the blink. Every bit of this post is classic. You're adorable.