Monday, October 23, 2006

Sweet Payback

Well, I went apple picking this weekend, thus fulfilling my duty as a craft blogger to visit a U-pick farm during the Fall (it is part of the craft blogger's creed). I was going to suggest that those who have not fulfilled their obligation still have one more weekend to find a nearby farm/orchard. However, after my experience this weekend, I must caution you to do so at your own risk. Half the population of California was visiting our nearest apple orchards. Whole trees were picked bare, and throngs of people overtook anything remotely resembling nature (God save the poor deer in the Wildlife Zoo). Apparently we are not the only group that have this as an annual tradition.

Despite the crowds, and 80 degree heat that prevented me from wearing my special apple picking outfit, we had a good time. Of course, my visit was made possible due to my selflessness earlier in the month.

Here's the Mister - Doin' time

The forbidden fruit and a purdy blue sky

Apple litter

Packing house art (or props from the Blair Witch Project - you decide)

The harvest

Red Rome Beauties, collected in a bag I fashioned out of a thrifted linen tea towel.

As the apple hungry masses descended on the trees, varieties were cleaned out. The workers could barely keep ahead of them to bar people from entering parts of the orchard that would be saved until next week's influx of pickers. We couldn't even fill our bag. But, no matter - I am not too handy with the canning, so most of these will need to be eaten raw, or used in baked goods.

We also visited the pumpkin patch

It was hard to resist the urge to sit on the pumpkins, but I didn't want to break the rules.

Here's the perfect one!

After the picking, we went to the little nearby tourist village to see if we could get a sneak preview of how good the apples would taste baked in a pie. You would not believe the amount of people waiting at the restaurant and bakery! You just would not believe it! The wait was 3 hours long, but there they stood, determined to shove in all of prescribed events that must take place during their annual trek to the mountains. I have known that feeling in the past, but I have since come to the realization that trips cease to be fun when you do what you feel like you have to do, versus what you want to do ~ relax

Take pictures of apples in packing crates. Wonder at who would buy a blanket of Betty Boop dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Make a goofy video of each other picking apples (sorry - private stock - will not be available on You Tube). Enjoy other's company, and the first bite into a beautiful crisp red apple.

Though of course - Christmas tree cutting season is just around the corner, and the madness will start all over again...


Tamie said...

I was just there yesterday! I also went to the pumpkin patch!

Miss Bliss said...

Love your bag! Great idea. Sounds like you had a good time, even if it was a little insane.

telfair said...

Totally "Blair Witch."

And the Pumpkin Picking sign reminded me of "Cider House Rules" -- er, "Pumpkin Patch Rules." ? ha. (ahem.)

jungle dream pagoda said...

What wonderful pics ! I need to figure an outdoor harvesting event to attend so I can get my blogger street cred!

Archimedes24 said...

I cannot imagine trying to pick apples in 80 degree weather...were there lots of bees and other bugs out? All that sweet sugar on the ground, I figure it'd be a bee gathering spot.

Anyway, still enjoy your posts, although usually described 3rd person through telfair. Keep blogging!

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