Friday, October 27, 2006

Selfish Interlude

There are things I should be knitting for others, and there are projects for me that have been sitting around for year(s). But - sometimes I need something quick and easy just to stay motivated

Pixie Hat pattern from Knit Wit.

It's 80 degrees outside, but for some reason a wool hat seemed like just the thing I wanted to make. For me. This caused a little exchange with BT, who has been promised a beanie for quite some time now. I told him this was a good starting project to get my knitting mojo back - to get me back in the groove so I wouldn't make any mistakes when I sat down to make his hat (like that?)

This pic is major over-exposed, but I like it for some reason - and you can see more detail of the hat

We are lucky to live next to the only house on the block that has deciduous street trees. We can pretend it is Fall, even if the weather will not let us wear our sweaters and coats. Our street tree is a carob tree. I highly recommend against planting one of these trees in your yard. They are very messy, and the carob smell let off by all the rotting pods makes me want to gag, but that could just be me. They do provide a home for these amazing orange mushrooms late Fall. I hope ours gets 'shrooms this year. It lost its mate last year around this time (which was sad - as much as I dislike carob trees in general), so now the remaining tree gets too much sun.

Side note ~ I know I'll be offending some folks here, but really - don't you just feel cheated when you think something is chocolate and it is really carob? My elementary school encouraged baked goods made with carob rather than chocolate (I'm sure the same is being encouraged again now - oh, and my school had an organic salad bar way back when, and yes - I was educated by hippies). I never liked the stuff. To me it tastes similar to raisins, and that is one food item I cannot stomach. I used to love 'em until about age 4 when my Dad told me they were dead flies with the wings cut off. Not another raisin by choice since (I'll eat stuff with raisins offered to me to be polite, but I am gagging on the inside. Put raisins and carob together in a baked good and I will pretty much assume you hate me).

I was thrilled to come home (past the stinky carob tree ) to find my mailbox was positively bursting - The Crafter's Companion, Toys to Sew and - the most amazing dress from Ms. Posie! I overextended the photographer's patience level, so I will have to get a pic later this weekend. Alicia - Thank you sooo much! It is so nice to be thought of by people you don't *know,* but do know, you know? I really enjoyed Alicia's post today as well. I enjoy all of her posts, of course, but this one seemed particularly poignant and reflective of some thoughts I have been having lately.

On to some inspirational craft book reading...


crazycatladymel said...

"Put raisins and carob together in a baked good and I will pretty much assume you hate me."

Not sure why, but this just struck me funny. Very well put, and maybe the kind of declaration people should make known to friends and family. I'm trying to think of what someone would pair with mushrooms to prove they hate me.

telfair said...

I love that we're getting to see pictures of you now, and I think your hats are the cats' pajamas.

I hate carob with a black passion.

Barb said...

ha! My brothers used to say things like that to me all the time, and I'm also tramautized for life! My mom said alfafa sprouts tasted like thread, so now those gross me out too. My brothers also chased me with crawdads, so now anything that resembles them (shrimp, lobster) just completely makes me vomit.
The hat is adorable. I have got to learn how to knit so I can make cute things like this too.
Glad to see you're on the receiving end of mail for a change.

Sarah and Jack said...

I am seriously crying in my cheerios that my copy of the Crafters Companion is STILL not here, Lucky you!

Green Kitchen said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm totally digging this pixie hat, I'll have to get that book.

Miss Bliss said...

That hat is too cute for words, and as for the pics, I would have never known that you didn't take a little weekend trip up here to New York. Looks chilly there, so good job. It is really freakin' chilly here so I can appreciate the want for it to look like fall. I'm just not so sure I want it to actually be fall...

jungle dream pagoda said...

Those pics are wonderful,it does look like fall,great job on the hat too. For me ,I'll assume you hate me if you try to serve me weiners,ugh!