Friday, October 13, 2006 the Bat Mobile!

dahnananananananana (insert cheesy Adam-West-as-Batman music here)

Just a quick little Halloween project - I made a mobile of plastic bats (from last year's Dollar Spot - Now See. Spot. Save. - at Target).

The mobile frame was salvaged from one of my boxes o' junk I confiscated from my parents' house, and originally had pictures of whales hanging from it. I get rid of 99% of the stuff I find in those boxes, and then I see something small and insignificant like a whale mobile, and feel like I struck gold. The whales, which were just images printed on cardstock, were pretty beat up, but I knew I would find a use for the mobile frame some day.

I was a whale girl - as opposed to a horse girl - growing up. No, not as big as a whale - just, if I had to pick an animal that I romanticized and dreamed about in the pre-teen years before my thoughts were monopolized by boys and clothes, it would be a whale.

I "adopted" a whale in 5th grade. You know, one of those shams* you send 20 bucks away to God knows what organization, and they send you adoption papers, a picture, and quarterly updates about *your* whale. It didn't matter to a 10-year-old that 4,000 other gullible folks in the world had "adopted" the same whale - He was my whale. His name was Onyx. He was a male, and was named Onyx because his tail was completely black, where many humpback whales, I guess, have some kind of marking.

Onyx was pretty boring. I mean - unlike the female whales, you never got to hear about him having a baby or anything (I'm sure he was a gigalo - you just didn't get that kind of info in the newsletter). He followed that whole "seasonal migration" thing - no trips to Paris or Disneyworld, like I wanted to do. I think my parents only paid to adopt Onyx for a couple of years. They were probably tired of the obscene amount of junk mail that accompanied his adoption (membership offers for the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, PETA - all of which I wanted to join - and did, later in life, when I had my own money and felt my calling in life was to stand on street corners and invade people's visual space with giant images of mistreated animals).

I haven't run across Onyx's picture and adoption information yet, but I'm sure it is waiting for me in another box o' junk. But - I wonder if the Onyx mentioned here is my long lost whale friend?

*Really, I'm pretty sure these organizations are ok - just having some fun here.


Gina said...

How cute! I didn't know you could even adopt a whale, what a sweet kid you were!

carolyn said...

Great mobile, might have to copy. Thanks for the idea.

Barb said...

that seriously rocks!

elizabeth said...

that story is so stinkin' sweet!!! and that mobile...i am going to have to show my mom. we are having a halloween party in next weekend (holy shit) and she is going nuts on decorations. she is going to love this.