Monday, October 02, 2006

Please Indulge Me

while I play catch-up! I seem to have misplaced the month of September. I think it was here, and then it was gone before I even made a dent in my list of projects for the month. I was going to start off October with Halloween goodness, but it will have to wait a week or so until I can get some things out of the way. This garland will not look very nice with a bunch of WIPs lurking beneath it.

I also apologize in advance if my posts this week seem a little hodgepodge - they will match my current state of being.

OK - how cool is this purse?

I am not big on purses. In fact, in general I am quite boring when it comes to what I use to haul all my crap around. I have a black purse and a brown purse that I switch between during the week for work depending on my outfit. I replace each of these purses once a year so I seem a little trendy (always the same general style though - dividers that make three sections in the center, and pockets for cell phone and keys). I usually have one casual summer purse, and I also have a couple (literally - two) boutique-y purses for special occasions. But, I am not the type that buys purses on a whim.

This was an exception. The irony is delicious. The girl that once threw fits to avoid walking through Kmart and risking social banishment at middle school (forgetting of course that anyone else in the store could also be the victim of taunting and teasing come Monday morning as they, too, were shopping at the Big K. Maybe I thought there were gangs of kids without their parents roaming the aisles looking for new victims. Did people at your school say "Blue Light Special" from the back of the room to see who would turn around, and thus expose the fact that they shopped at Kmart? Well, I sat like a statue, staring straight ahead to avoid any association with Kmart).

Now, having overcome such silly insecurities, I shop at Kmart with abandon. Of course, Martha helps a lot, but even the store's own brand of housewares, Essential Home, is pretty hip. The clothes still need some work, but you can find some diamonds in the rough.

In other news, did you see the signups for the second round of the What's Cookin' apron swap are open? I am so excited to participate this time around!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Okay,"Did people at your school... say "blue light special...expose...Kmart."I think that would have to win my Blogspot soundbite of the week award! too hilarious!

Barb said...

Ha! Love it.