Monday, October 16, 2006

Out and About: The Bigfoot Lodge

I'm going to keep the Halloween Happy Pack Costume contest open one more day. So, if you haven't left a comment yet, please do so here!

In the meantime, the hubby has been bugging me to post about the bar we went to this past Saturday. The Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater Village (near the L.A. Zoo) is quite possibly the coolest place we have visited in a long time

We have an abundance of couple time lately it seems now that our friends are all new parents. The guys get out once or twice a month, but sadly I don't see much of the womenfolk. The upside of this situation is that it has afforded BT and me the opportunity to get in touch with our hipster side again.

When we first met, I was living in Beverly Hills. Don't get too excited - it was definitely the Slums of Beverly Hills, if you ever saw that movie. Same old crappy L.A. apartment, just with a higher price tag. I was attending grad school UCLA, and just couldn't find a place that appealed to me that wasn't Party Central and/or didn't have mysterious brownish red stains on the living room carpet, boarded up windows on either side of the unit I was looking at, or people engaging in drug deals on the corner (no joke). So, I paid a little more for a place that felt safe living at by myself, accepted cats, and the police literally would show up in about 30 seconds or less when called (I only had to call them once).

Just a side note: The program I was in only had about 80 people in it, and what are the odds that of the thousands of apartments in Los Angeles, a girl from my program would move in right upstairs from me? We became fast friends - too fast, I guess. We kind of burned out on each other after a few months, and she ended up moving back to Wisconsin, anyway - LA was not her thing.

It is mine. I have been buggin' BT forever to make me a CD of songs about Los Angeles. I have a total love affair with this City. It is very odd place - a lot of it doesn't make any sense. Overall it doesn't have that hometown appeal that most people crave. But, you cannot help but to appreciate the diversity, and the history. There were some crazy things that happened to make Los Angeles the City it is today (remember Chinatown?) There is graffiti everywhere, but you actually come to appreciate it as an artform (not tagging - taggers are Satan's little helpers).

So anyway - back when BT and I were young and hip and happening, we enjoyed discovering Los Angeles. We knew when bands were playing, when new bars opened, tried new restaurants, and found little gems that you just can't find in most places in the country. Ok - maybe I'm overestimating our coolness quotient a wee bit, but it does seem like it was such a different life than we lead now. It's still good - just different. I guess we need to reconnect sometimes by doing the types of things that brought us together.

Any bar that has a full-sized statue of Smokey the Bear inside is all right by me. I guess theme bars are probably not the epitome of cool in Los Angeles, but neither are we anymore. We got to the bar a little early (see - out of practice), so we were able to get these shots of the inside.

Which also doesn't help my argument for whether or not we are still cool - the fact that we were taking pictures of a bar.

My favorite things were the drinks and the music. You can see the drink menu on the website. Here's a terrible shot of the Toasted Marshmallow

And the music - any DJ that plays Joy Division and the Muppets in one evening is a master in my book.

I love L.A.


caro said...

Joy Division and the Muppets? If I didn't know better I'd say I'd married that DJ, except I know the Husband isn't moonlighting in LA. When we first met I was wooed by a mix with the Muppets and Killing Joke. Sigh, the romance of it all...

elizabeth said...

oh how i miss those days of hanging out with the hubby like that.

sounds like you guys had a fabulous time. and you've made l.a. sound so magical.

Barb said...

Back in the day, my dream was to go to the Roxy, and that other Rock place that skips my mind at the moment. I never made it. God I miss clubing. Sigh. When I turned 18, my friend Sue and I drove up to Hollywood and stayed overnight. We thought it was so cool to be on Sunset Strip. In retrospect, it didn't live up to expectations, but that's okay. I said I'd never be like my parents and listen to talk radio, but my dial is rarely off KFI. I miss the Martini Lounge and their dances in the park (something I always wanted to attend, but didn't get the chance. Was it 690?). I like the hustle bustle of the city. Living on a farm or something would scare me. Go figure. I need people and noise.
Really awesome to be reconnecting with the hubby. Milk it for all it's worth. Free time and shared time is the best of the best.

Dorie said...

Oh, I wish I could visit the bigfoot lodge! It gives me the creeps but it's so funny.