Friday, October 20, 2006

Now What About the Girls

Can't leave out the nieces! Basically the same package as the boys (minus the boogers, which are from Target, btw), but I also included these embellished treat bags for them

The girls are expecting a little brother/sister soon, so they pumpkins are named according to their place in the family. Everyone was really really hoping for a boy, but the latest test shows it is most likely another girl (or - a very shy boy).

It was my first time doing real applique - not just running a regular zigzag stitch around a shape. These are actually reverse applique, with the pumpkin shapes cut into the purchased bag form. I'm pretty happy with the results. I can see where I made mistakes, but overall not bad for my first go of it.

In other news - this weekend is my first time hosting book group. We previously held our meetings at a mother and daughter's houses (they live two doors down from each other) out of convenience. But, they have kind of gotten burnt out on hosting our monthly meetings, and the group as a whole needed a change of pace to spice things up a bit. So, I am busy preparing for that today (read cleaning like a madwoman - why is it you can live with x amount of mess and clutter, and then somebody comes to visit, and you have to resort to Clean Sweep measures?)

I have every other Friday off, if you ever wondered. Though, I probably would have taken today off regardless. You know when you are watching SomethingAwful Physics and you think whatever is going to happen to the figure on screen is horrible enough, but then something comes from off screen and makes the tragedy 100 times worse? Well, that was yesterday. Reflecting on yesterday's events today, I determined it was hands down the worst day of my career - I am not just being dramatic here. But, a little crafting, lots of tile scrubbing, keeping up with this saga, and an as yet undetermined special chocolate treat just for me, and I will be just fine.

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telfair said...

I'm sorry to hear about this awful career day.

I've had a few of those myself lately, too, and am still struggling with how to leave my job at the door when I come home. Lately it's clinging to me and tainting everything with a slightly unhealthy tinge! I admire your resilience in being able to shed it with some tile scrubbing and crafting. I'm sure it's not as easy as you make it sound, but nonetheless, it sounds like you have some great outlets that help you with "balance."