Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm a Missionary

Now that I've got that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day...

I am not a missionary - not now, or ever. But my secret life as an LDS in-law was exposed here - old news - let's move on.

My cousin-in-law, Tim, is now settled at his Mission post in the Philippines. As I got horribly behind in crafting last month, I just finished his September care package. I made him a sock monkey (I thought of you, Jek!)

I found the sock monkey kit on sale at Walmart for $5 or $7 - can't remember. He was named "Peejay" , and he came with extra material to make a bear, hat, and slippers

My sock monkey growing up had an "outty" belly button and a red felt heart, so Peejay does, too.

Here he is dressed as a "Missionary"

I made his white shirt, and modified one of those tie belts that were popular last year for his necktie. I intended to make his nametag out of shrinky dinks, but something went horribly awry. Let's just say the smoke detector was involved...

BT said it would be inappropriate to call him "Elder," as LDS Missionaries are referred to, so Brother Sock Monkey he is

I also included a necktie for Tim from the coupon redeemed from this care package (see all care packages sent to date here). The specifications, given to me by Tim, were to find a tie that was green and/or orange, did not have diagonal stripes, or was too wild. Uhh, Tim...I think by definition an orange tie automatically equals wild, and a green and orange tie would be, in most cases, positively goofy. I liked the one I found, and hope it does not count that the plaid stripes are set on the diagonal. Do you think it matters that the monkey's tie has diagonal stripes? I just noticed that.

So, that's my (belated) September care package for My Missionary. Sending packages to the Philippines every month should be interesting. We'll see how many make it there in one piece (i.e. not ransacked). Even more reason to take pictures of the packages being sent out, so at least I know I was a good cousin-in-law, even if he never sees them. I don't always make stuff for the care packages, though - usually they are just dollar store crap. Also, it is expressed that anything he cannot use should be passed on to someone he meets through his Mission.

P.S. Life's rough when your face looks like your ass


MARYBETH said...

THis is ADORABLE and hilarious!!!!

Barb said...

I just keep hearing Annie Lennox (don't mess with a missionary man).
Love the sock monkey. I bought Peejay too, but he's still in pieces. The shrinky thing cracked me up.

Miss Bliss said...

You are too freakin' funny. And I never really thought about the whole face, ass similarities in the sock monkey community. How unfortunate.

linda said...

Hey! I got that exact same PJ kit at WalMart and mine was a HUGE failure. My kids liked him, but I really lack in needle and thread skills. *sigh* Yours is great! And I'm sure the whole "brother" tag will be appreciated on the other side of the world. It's such a different world over in Asia. Care packages are so important! Bless you for taking this on.