Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope you had fun trick-or-treating and/or passing out candy.

I ran home and decorated for Halloween in record time. Seriously - if there was a World Record for such a thing, I think I broke it. In exactly one hour's time I

Changed out our porch light for a black light and hung up cobwebs

Lit a ton of candles

Turned on the tunes

Hollowed out BT's pumpkin

He ended up not being in the mood to carve it once he got home, so I did it while we waited for the main group of trick-or-treaters to stop by. Usually we are much more elaborate with our designs, but I wanted to do something more traditional this year.

I also decorated my pumpkin with those Mr. Potato Head looking plastic parts. I thought (too late) how cute those would look on a pumpkin that was spray-painted brown.

Filled the treat bowl

(I am so glad that I am not a dentist)

Assembled treat bags for the neighbor kids that we know

and, put the "bark guard" on Chuy.

No, not a shock collar. Just a silly costume. He's just not in the mood to do his signature howling type bark when people come to the door if his head is ensconced in fleece. Surprisingly, though this picture does not support my next statement, he actually seems to get a kick out of Halloween. He went to see almost every group of kids, who gave up valuable trick-or-treat time to pet him. I think one little boy was ready to walk away with him, but we said no - Chuy is not a treat.


jungle dream pagoda said...

wow looks like you guys had as much fun as we did at our house(and I have 2 trick or treaters).

a. said...

aahh! i love! love! hilarious.