Sunday, October 15, 2006

Halloween Happiness

Sorry for the delay ~ there were some "technical difficulties" acquiring the photos.

Without further ado - I offer you a chance at a Halloween Happy Pack (a little package of goodness, including a handmade item - see past packages here, here, and here).

The theme? What is the best costume (Halloween or otherwise) you ever wore? Or, if you are a store-bought witch every year, what costume would you create if money, time, and the rules of gravity did not apply? Only one costume idea per person, please. One person will win a Happy Pack.

We're talking creative with a capital "C" here, folks (So, I guess that would be Creative). You know who your judges are:

Jennifer, who would rather go candy-less than wear a store-bought costume these days (though the plastic masks were pretty bitchin. Question: Why did these costumes always have a picture of what you were supposed to be on the front? In case you forgot what you were, you could look down and remind yourself? And did they really need to include the plastic pants?)

I wouldn't wear the mask, so my Mom wore it. It looks like I'm getting ready to bolt anyways. Don't think I was really into Halloween that year.

Bewitched Easter Bunny?

(I really hate Tweety now, so you won't win any extra points for that costume idea)

and BT - who's motto is and always has been "I'll do anything for a good costume."

One of my all-time favorite pics of my super hero.

Had to include this one so you could see the adorable red galoshes he wore. Don't get me started on kids and boots. Our kids will have at least 20 pairs of 'em. Oh, and I love the expression on the kid's face in the background - he's like, My plastic Superman costume is so much cooler than this little kid's homemade one.

Aww - Chewy and Yoda - best buds. BT's Mom still remembers the difficulty she had fashioning his plush Yoda feet (worn over flip-flops - classic). If I recall correctly, Yoda's utility belt and Chewy's bandolier are made from painted mini cereal boxes.

We're excited to hear about your costume ideas!


shanna said...

how cute were you! what's sad is that my costumes were not very creative. my friends in middle were, however...they cut 2 holes in a baby swimming pool (big enough for them to fit in), filled the pool with blue cellophane to look like water and beach toys, and they carried beach pails as their trick-or-treat bags. they painted sweatshirts to look like bathing suits and wore swimmers caps and goggles. i wish i had a picture of them! it was great! i think that year i was a geisha or something...

telfair said...

That Yoda costume rocks my world. I would *so* love that costume!!

My ideal costume would be...

Laura Palmer from the TV show "Twin Peaks." You'd have to have watched the show to get it, though, I think...I'd be the dead Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic. Blue lips, blonde wig, wrapped in plastic. Morbid? Heck yeah. But I *loved* Twin Peaks.

crazycatladymel said...

Because I grew up (and still live) in Michigan, almost every costume I ever wore had a winter coat over it, and for some reason I don't remember most of them. I think they were a lot like the Tweety one you showed - probably-highly-flamable-coverup and rigid plastic mask. I fondly remember a fairy princess, but that year, my brother's costume was faboo: robot - complete with dryer vent arms - that my dad made.

My most creative one that I did all alone was my "dominatrix vampire". The next year, I went with 2 friends as The Sanderson Sisters (from Hocus Pocus). Both times, I won part of "best couple," even though I wasn't in a "couple" either time. Only times I've ever won any costume contest.

Some day, I'm going to do a character from "The Birds," and have feathers and blood everywhere, and a (fake) bird in my hair. Most years now, it's just trick or treaters, and I put on a witch hat and call it a day.

Coleen said...

One year I (and a friend) went as Siamese twins. We were best friends in 4th grade and it seemed like an awesome idea. Her mom sewed 2 shirts and 2 pants together, and we met up that morning. We had so much fun at school, I remember, because our desks had to be right next to eachother, we had to watch where the other was walking, took bathroom breaks together (I'm guessing). After school, hung out together until trick or treat time... I believe we even won some contest for Best Costume somewhere. We went trick or treating for a few hours but then got into some kind of ridiculous fight and it was time to go home. We realized that I didn't have any spare clothes, so we tried our best (minus scissors) to separate the 2 shirts, and we were successful. Then came the pants. We realized that without scissors, we'd have to rip the pants, and she just wasn't willing to do that. We couldnt' walk home because we didnt' live in town, and we were meeting our parents at 2 different spots. So one of us would have to just go without pants. Yup! That was me. Walking thru town with just a tshirt and shoes. It was a freezing cold night, and although I wish the shirt was a little longer, I still have to laugh when I think of us in that costume!

Barb said...

My God, the preciousness.

I'll be posting some pics of Halloween too, but I don't have any from childhood--what's up with that?
My favorite was Victorian underwear. I made a costume from a Folkwear pattern.

Best idea for a future costume: I think it would be rockin' to be an injured feline, and wear one of those big cones on your head, lol.

A friend of mine did that Birds thing for her work, and she had a soundtrack of cawing going on. She had fake birds surrounding her head attached by wires. God that's hysterical. She won a contest at her work.

Thank you so much for saying 'bitchin' in this post. I said that in the breakroom the other day, and the whole room made fun of me. Geez, I say 'right on' too, and that seems to be acceptable. Whatever.

elizabeth said...

do we submit a picture of what we wore or just tell ya?

in case we have to just tell ya, one year, when i was about five or so, my mom dressed me up as smurfette. i was covered in blue paint from head to toe. and to this day i can still smell that friggin' paint. i sported a blonde wig, a white sheet (i believe) for a dress, white tights and i believe white shoes. i hope i can submit the pic and find it. i was so afraid of taking off the paint that i look like that guy you see on the pain medication commericials with my arms pointed out to the sides so i don't get it on the white "dress".

love the pictures. nothing is better then pictures fromt he 70's/80's. love em!

jungle dream pagoda said...

One year right before I met my husband,my of the moment beau and I decided to go as a boy scout getting caght in poison ivy.He wore the cubscout costume and I wore,um...,not much more than a long green wig,bathing suit ,and lots of vines.I'm sure I have pics.....somewhere.
Love those vintage pics of yours.

jek said...

in 1999, i and two friends went as Y2K...i was 2, we wore all black with funky wigs, hats. etc snd then big silver letters/numbers around our necks. we went to a party and created havoc by moving peoples drinks around, turning out the lights, know like Y2K was going to...but the BEST BEST costume ever was when artboy & i dressed as Miss Yvonne & Captain Carl from PeeWee's Playhouse. :)

Scarlet Tanager said...

I love your (mom's) cat mask!

Up until the second grade, my mom always bought a pattern and made my costume. That year (I don't know if she forgot or didn't have time or was just inspired) she made me a poncho out of a fringed cotton throw that she had dyed black, then she shoved a big jack-o-lantern down over my head. Viola, Pumpkinhead. I remember winning some kind of prize that year, but more than that I remember having a very sore neck the next day from lugging that sucker around all night.

The next year I was on my own. I painted a big square box, made a crank for the side, taped a tape player that played "pop goes the weasel" to the inside and went as a jack-in-the-box.

hannah said...

what was it with the 70's plastic bibs and headgear get up? i remember i had one that was some sort of alien only the head was this gigantic inflatable thing that straped under the chin that i refused to wear. could have also been the fact that i was in south america and the only kid trick-or-treating. sadly it hadnt caught on down there yet.

Jennifer said...

the pictures of the old box costumes are fabulous!

i think my best costume ever (and one of my mom's most creative moments) was when i went as a gumball machine in third grade. I wore black shoes, tights and a black rounded hat. And around my body I had a huge clear plastic bag filled with baloons. It was great. (As we went on the parade around the elementary school though the 5th graders popped some of my balloons - meanies!). It's definitely my strongest halloween memory.

Liz said...

The best costume I made for my daughter was a Peridot clown in black and white harlequin fabric. Black hair spray and white face.

When I was a kid I remember I felt so AWESOME going door to door in my giant inflatable head KOOKY SPOOK COSTUME. (It was an inflatable bat)

I think if my girls were still young I would try my hand at the sugar packet flapper dress, but maybe with more packets in sweet and low pink.

or the red disposable plate lobster,1789,HGTV_3274_4044054,00.html

julie said...

I totally had that plastic cat costume, that exact same costume! Are you me?