Monday, October 09, 2006

The First Rule of Felt Club to talk about Felt Club!

This past Sunday was my first visit to an indie craft fair. It was very cool to see craftsters that I recognized seeing their products online. It was also interesting to see how people organized their tables, the type of signage and decorations they used, and the variety of products offered.

Here are the goods ~

Buttons purchased to support future Felt Club events

Vampire greeting card from Curioddities

Pocket mirror by Jaime Zollars

But - the highlight of my day, and my primary reason for visiting was to meet Ms. Jek. She is just as cute and nice as you would imagine her to be in person. Her table was a feast for the eyes. I wanted one of everything, really. But you know, that whole budget-and-save-money-for-a-house thing really cramps your style sometimes. Here are the lovelies I did walk away with

A Halloween "Fakey Cake"

and an eyeglass pouch lined in soft flannel

The eyeballs glow in the dark! Shown with BT's glasses, which are way cooler than mine. Here is Jek's Etsy shop, btw.

Fun times - I'm sure I'll be visiting Felt Club again prior to the holidays. It will take some of the stress off of feeling like I have to make everything for everybody.

I am kind of hitting a wall as to what I want to make for Christmas gifts this year. We have 14 kids on our Christmas list this year [7 nieces and nephews (two new ones should be here shortly!), and 7 kids of friends]. Luckily many of them are 2-3 kids to a family, so I am thinking of doing felt story boards for the family instead of gifts for each child. I don't know what the story line will be. All I've come up with is this tree

I saw a similar image in a Japanese craft book as an embroidery pattern, and really liked it. I also want to think if something more creative for the "board" part than the standard framed piece of felt. I'm a horrible procrastinator, and never get an early enough start on Christmas gifts, so I'm proud of myself to even be thinking about this in October.


crazycatladymel said...

(I seem to be commenting a lot in your blog!)

I don't have quite as many kids - just eleven, plus my 18-y.o. Goddaughter and her best friend (who are definitely not kids anymore). I've found a few cute ideas, and am logging them on a special journal, in case you want to check it out.

I need to know what a fakey cake is! I saw the toppers in Jek's album, but felt dumb asking what the fakey cake part was.

Felt Club said...

Oh my goodness!! You are in such trouble for not saying hello!! ;) Your blog is so cute, I've been reading for a while. Thanks so much for coming by Felt Club, hope to see you at one of our future events! The XL Holiday show is gonna be NUTZ!!!


Felt Club said...

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for purchasing the button set! I was up all night sewing those to the header cards. Glad you enjoyed!

Miss Bliss said...

Ultra love the vampire cards, they are too stinkin' cute for words!!!

eviedee said...

I am SO excited to learn of this event! The XL Holiday show sounds like it is going to be awesome!

Jennifer said...

Mel ~ I can't tell you what a fakey cake is, but I know you can buy most of the ingredients at Home Depot. : )

Jenny ~ Ok - If I had set out to meet both of you in one day, I would have gone into cardiac arrest! I was looking out for you, but honestly did not see you. I was the clumsy girl walking around dropping everything (nervous hands), so I think I was practically crawling through the place. And I DID enjoy the button set, and thought the felt sewn to the header was a nice touch.

Eviedee - Gack! How did I miss that you are local? Totally loving your blog, btw!