Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fall Mailorder

I suppose it is no coincidence that Amy's Mailorder projects go so well together. First, you decorate the house to get in the holiday spirit. Then you put some Pumpkin Spice Cake in the oven to salivate to as you work on your Earflap Hat. The cake is ready in time to celebrate all of your accomplishments!

Annoyed Silhouette Paper Project. Currently looking for additional items in the house that need black and white striped ruffles.

Halloween Garland Paper Project. I was really inspired by this Mailorder to decorate my house for Halloween in Black and White (no orange). This is a more difficult task than I imagined. I have more than what is shown here, of course, but if anyone has seen some cute black and white decorations, please let me know!

I cut out the oval shapes from the garland and mounted them on black cardstock.

Earflap Hat. This was made for one of my nephews. I am making little somethings for all of my nieces and nephews for Halloween (I'm thinking fabric cuffs). But one little guy inevitably gets a little too much Halloween each year. So, his gift is this cozy corduroy hat lined in flannel that will be perfect for visiting his Grandma and Grandpa in Utah. I wanted to use something a little less obvious for the liner, but my nephew likes cars, and Aunt Jen likes her nephew, so cars it is.

And the Pumpkin Spice Cake. Delicious, as all of Amy's recipes have been.

I also completed the Riddle for the special prize, but, you know - that's a secret.


Gina said...

Wow! I am so in love with the Silhouette, it's absolutely gorgeous! You've been keeping busy, and I like it!

Catrina said...

The Mailorder Club Rocks!! Your hat is adorable...I just started to work on mine last night & your cake looks Yummy!! Great work.

Miss Bliss said...

Can I come over for some cake??? Yumm!Love the hat, ear flaps are toooo cute and the covered button on top, too perfect!

elizabeth said...

love the projects. was the banner included??? i love that font and the design around each letter.

can i please come over and have you show me how to sew something more then a purse or wallet?

preeeettttty please???

janelle said...

love the earflap hat, and the button! way to go on your mail order activities!