Monday, October 30, 2006

Easy as Apple Pie

Did you wonder what happened to the apples? Maybe not, but they did get used. A couple of recipes throughout the week (this and turkey kabobs - the apples held up pretty well on the grill), and then Sunday I set out to bake an apple pie.

My experience with pies is limited. I do varying degrees of work based on how much time/ interest I have in baking a good pie. At times, crusts are store/restaurant bought, and I have even been know to use (gasp) canned fruit. Heck, most of the time when a pie is called for, I buy it pre-made, so don't confuse me for the pie lady.

But this pie I made from scratch, using Martha's recipe. Ok - whatever crust recipe you currently use, please consider ditching it for
pate brisee

I'm sure I fugged it up a bit, not being a regular dough maker, but it was still soooo light and flaky! I tried to get a pic of the back of the slice of pie, just to show off a little, but they all came out blurry (pride cometh...) The whole pie - well, it didn't look quite like something out of MSL, so no pics of that. So anyway, I can't say it was truly an "easy" pie (note pics start during the day, and end after dark) but it was definitely worth the extra steps!


Miss Bliss said...

get a slice ready I'm coming over! Looks great!

Liz said...

Me tooooo!!!
I'll be right over!

I wish I could have a BBQ here in Maine. :}

jungle dream pagoda said...

yum! and the pics are great!

Barb said...

I was going to say that I posted a pie crust recipe on my blog recently, but I think I'll try yours next time instead. The secret to good apple pie is to use more than one type of apple. I try to use about five: Pippin, Granny Smith, Jonagold, and whatever other cooking apples they have available.
Honestly, pies are so simple to make, there's no reason to ever buy one. I need to get one of those apple peelers....