Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And the winner is...

This was a tough one! I should just stick with questions with definitive answers. Everyone's Halloween costume ideas were so creative!! But, since it is getting into "craft crunch time," there can only be one Happy Pack. BT and I concur the winner is Jungle Dream Pagoda, with her boy scout and poison ivy costume! Very original indeed - please send me your address and I will send a little happiness your way.

I have to give props to Coleen as well - the story of the Siamese twins fighting and then having to separate their clothes to get home is just classic!

Also going out in the mail this week, My Missionary's October package is ready to go. Sorry for the crappy pics - we're back to night shots, folks

Halloween themed, of course. More specifically, orange and purple Halloween, as I was feeling major withdrawls for not participating in Coloriffic Swap-o-Rama for October. I'm starting to feel all swappy again, but it's so not good timing, with holiday crafting on the horizon.

And BABIES! I still need to make welcome gifts for my new nephew, and a niece/nephew, and a friend's baby. It could be worse, I suppose - they could be due in December.

That would just be cruel. Kidding, really.

Though everyone knows that the best month to be born in is February ; )

Sorry - I will try harder to take shots in the AM before work. I'm sure you all know how it is when you just want to get something packed up and ready to go, and just be done with it. So far shipping costs to the Philippines have been reasonable. And somebody gave me a tip that putting pictures of the Virgin Mary on the package reduces chances of theftage - we shall see.


Miss Bliss said...

I love the purple pumpkin, what a great prize!

Liz said...

I thought the same thing, what a great purple pumpkin.

Jennifer said...

It was cool to find the purple pumpkin. Just so everyone's clear (esp. JDP), this is a care package for my cousin-in-law, not the Happy Pack. I'll wait until JDP receives that to post.

jungle dream pagoda said...

I think your blogtography is wonderful,and I'm so excited that my Ghost of Halloween stumes past won! I'm off to e-mail you!