Sunday, September 03, 2006

When Life Gives You Eggplant...Make Baba Ganoush!

BT is taking an Illustration course this semester at a community college. He was an art major, but feels like he missed out taking some classes he would have really enjoyed. His first assignment was to bring an egg, and eggplant, and a tomato to class. Here are my honey's renderings of these items

The egg on the top left-hand corner is pretty darn near perfect - but of course, I am a biased critic.

So, now we found ourselves with an eggplant, which rarely finds its way into the shopping cart otherwise. It gave me an excuse to try a new recipe with it - Baba Ganoush

See - everyone gets along better when it comes to food, even the Sultan of Sesame Tahini and the Kosher Morton Salt Girl.

I added some roasted red peppers to for an extra kick. Also, I chopped instead of blended the eggplant. Since this would be served alongside hummus, it needed to have something that would make it look different.

I also made falafel

If you see any black bits hanging around, they are from the first batch put in to fry a little too early (oh, the temperature is in Celsius, said the US-centric chef)

Here's the finished meal

Fit for the Sultan of our household, anyway.


Carrie Sommer said...

That looks amazingly yummy. The tahini plain is good too - you have to mix it with some olive oil I think, and maybe lemon too.

Ali said...

Mmm - looks good. I've only made falafel once and they disintergated when I tried to try them. I ended up having to turn them into a falafel omelette thingy. My husband is still laughing.

Emy said...

We love eggplant in my house. Its so good if you just slice it really thinly, lightly coat it with olive oil and italian seasonings and grill it. Sometimes we just cook them on a griddle too.
I've never had baba ganoush! It looks interesting though.

lucy said...

Yum! Those are some of my favorite foods ever. It all looks so delicious :o)

my house is cuter than yours said...

BT's egg does look eggcellent!!!!ha ha ha! no, really it is awesome and that meal looks damn good too!