Monday, September 18, 2006

This isn't it

Remember I mentioned that I was working on a ultra top secret super terrific project last week? Well, believe it or not, this isn't it


Any long time readers out there (God love ya for putting up with my dribble this long) may remember that I finished the knit portion of the Wild Stripes baby blanket way back in October of last year

And then...there it sat. Having no real impetus to get it done, it remained in a tacky ripped shopping bag next to our couch, waiting to get a back and embroidery. Part of the problem was finding the right fabric for the back. I searched high and low, and just could not find the right thing. I looked through other peoples' blogs that had completed the blanket, and saw lots of good ideas, but I really really liked the orange and red gingham used in the Knitty version. Finally I found this

which is just about as close as I was going to get. So, now that there is yet another baby on the way (BT and I are starting to feel like the last of the Mohicans), and this blanket was pre-approved by the mama-to-be before she even got pregnant, I figured I'd have an easy go of it to finally finish the blanket over the weekend.

Ahhh, no.

It took half as long to do the finishing work as it did to knit the thing! But, I can't complain too much - it is quite lovely now that it is done, and it is for a special little baby who is worth every minute. Believe it or not, this is not for a boy. Well, it might be - it's a surprise baby. I was leaning towards boy through most of the pregnancy, but now I'm not so sure... The MTB and her mother and sister were the ones that opened my eyes to how appropriate brights are for babies that you don't know the sex of - got me off of pale yellows and greens.

To complete the present, I made a pair of Bitty Booties

(sweet soles)

and put everything in a cute little suitcase that can be used later to store toys. Ah - nothing feels better than completing a year old project...

Take that, tacky WIP bag

Hah ha ha, Jennifer - you may have won the battle, but the war is from over

* maraca from Japanese dollar store


shanna said...

ha! my WIP's are in paper grocery sacks and plastic bags too! i feel like i should make fancy totes to hold them in...drawing out their WIP-ness longer!

the blanket is lovely and i'm ga-ga for the booties! (pun intended)

Megan said...

Gorgeous, funny and - tic-tac-toe soles! Stroke of genius. Stop me if the superlatives are getting too much.

Emy said...

The blanket is great!!! I'm always impressed with stuff that's knitted, now that I learned (kind of, it would have taken me 3 years to knit that!)

I think brights are good for all babies, even when you know the sex. They can see the colors better. And then when you start buying toys, everything goes together. :D

I often keep mine in bags too, or a big pile on the floor.

Belinda said...

love the blanket, just divine!!

caro said...

Those booties! Oh my. Almost makes me want to have babies just for the wee shoes.

Stacy said...

I love this pattern and have wanted to make it since that issue of knitty hit the web. I have tried to find washable yarn in the same colors but with no luck. Did you use the Knit Picks yarn the pattern called for or something else? It's beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Best wishes to everyone to finish those WIPs and get rid of grocery sacks/shopping bags for good!

Stacy ~ {groan} Not finding acceptable colors in a substitute yarn, I caved and made the blanket using the non-machine washable yarn used in the pattern. The MTB was warned of this when she viewed the blanket last year, and said she didn't mind, and would take proper care of it. This was, of course, before an actual baby was in the picture, and her time becomes a valuable commodity. I will put a note in with the blanket that if by chance it accidentally gets felted, I will cut out pieces and make a sweater out of it or something. All of my handmade goods come with free repairs! : )

Barb said...

Thank God, finally a post about real time. I know I am not the only one that needs more than an hour to sew up stuff (versus all the blogs that state just that). The blanket is divine, but the booties are amazing. Your idea or a pattern? You could sell those. And if that's all you've got for unfinished bags of stuff...that's not too shabby. I have you beat and then some. It's all so overwhelming, I just don't want to do ANYTHING.

Jennifer said...

Hey, Barb ~ Thanks for your note! These represent only my knitting projects in progress (not shown are the 5-6 other projects I have bought yarn for, but haven't started yet). My pile of sewing projects in progress is downright ghastly.

Heather Bailey is the originator of Bitty Booties (see She even suggests the pattern mod of extending the opening and including a button closure. I did, however, square the toes off slightly from the original pattern (gives them that turned up, almost Moroccan? look) and the tic-tac-toe idea was *mine,* though I'm sure if I looked hard enough, someone has done it before. Really - are there any original ideas anymore?

lera said...

your blanket turned out great! as did your booties. nice detail on sole.

Heather Bailey said...

LOVE those tic tac toes -- what a fantastic detail!

elizabeth said...

those slippers.....eeeeek!

again, i'm in awe :)

Me said...

the blankie is perfect! and the completed gift with suitcase and booties is just sooo sweet, I'm sure the recipient's parents will be delighted.