Thursday, September 21, 2006

Since You Was

Since I was addressing knitting WIPs, I decided to finish Chuy's sweater that was not finished in time for his Atomic Dog Party last January. Sweater pattern from S&B Nation. It fits better than it looks - that is, when Chuy is not scrunched up in a terrified ball. This project was also part of my failed attempt to use up all the cheap-o acrylic yarn that has somehow infiltrated my yarn stash. So, here is Chuy, ecstatic to finally get to wear his birthday sweater!

Honest - we do not beat our dog. Any given day, he is a spaz puppy that can barely contain the love he feels for everyone around him. Put a sweater on him - no wait - put a sweater on him and then take a picture of him in said sweater (he hates cameras - any time I start taking pics and he thinks he might be in the shot, he leaves the area to hide out), and he looks like the poster dog for animal cruelty.

This shot was taken after somebody dropped a flyer on our doorstep. Chuy started to bark at him like usual, and then quickly realized that he didn't look very tough, so he gave up

Why this sudden interest in knitting projects and banishing their respective shopping bags? We finally got some real furniture*! Which is as good of time as any to clear out all the clutter so we can appreciate the new view

The coffee table and end table belonged to my MIL. Now that she is going all hip and modern (black and citrus green - so fun!), she got rid of the last remnants of her "old" style. BT refinished the tops, and they are a pretty good fit for whatever style we have going on in the living room. Please note that this is not really our style, either**. We are victims of the we-are-renting-and-cannot-justify-buying-new-furniture syndrome. But, until we get our own place, we are content to work with what we have, and the things that other people throw away.

The best part is the drawers ~

Toy drawers for the nieces and nephews, and kids of friends, and neighbor kids that really just come to see Chuy

Both of my grandmas kept toys for the kids in drawers in their coffee tables, so this is really nostalgic for me.

We also have a drawer for a small portion of our game collection

I was going to set up a photo shoot with a game table, kind of like the cover of the July Home Companion, but I got lazy. So, instead here's a shot of the deflated WIP bag on a background that doesn't look like it was used to set dozens of eyelets and banged with a miniature hammer repeatedly

'Cause that's what was going on with our old table, if you ever wondered. Not surprisingly, that was also the result of me being lazy. I'm sensing a theme here...

* Please do not enlarge this picture and see our hideous couch in detail. Now that you went and did what I asked you not to, please understand - we have a dog and two cats that are set on destroying everything that is in our house. Slowly but surely, they leave their mark on all that we own. I had to take some pictures of the tables today before they become their next victims.

** Just for the record, our ideal living room would be retro cowboy modern. Yee-haw!


Jennifer said...

check out 'cry baby ranch' in denver (they have a website). they have the best cool retro cowboy stuff!

Megan said...

Poor Chuy - he sure looks like he thinks you've robbed him of every last ounce of dignity!

Alicia P. said...

Chuy looks so much like Audrey in a sweater. I call the photo series of 4 "Why. Why. Why Must I Wear It. I'll Do My Best." It's completely hilarious. She looks like I just screamed in her face and she's trying to make it up to me somehow.

And congrats on the coffee table. A game DRAWER! Now, that's awesome. xo

Miss Bliss said...

Okay, where do I start? Love, Love, Love your puppy!!! And my dogs do the same thing when you put clothes on them. They just kind of stop moving and sort of play dead, unitl I am like... okay, I get the point and remove the offending garment!

And see, you didn't need my furniture stash! You have a MIL that has one of those for you. Love the drawers, my grandma had a small sideboard that was beautiful and I am sure that everyone else thought it was full of dishes and other grandmother stuff, but every kid knew that behind those carved doors you'd find your self in toy heaven!

telfair said...

Well, I think your place looks really warm and welcoming, just what I would expect! GB & I are similar on the "making good use out of what other people throw away" front these days and I have great respect for that mature and responsible viewpoint. Wish I could come over and hang out and play things out of your game drawer.

PS - Love Chuy's sweater too!

silverlight said...

Your little one's reaction to his sweater reminds me of my miniature poodle. When I used to put her coat on. She would belly flop on the floor and try to crawl out from under the coat. Really silly, because she would finally remember what it was, then she would get up, shake and start playing. Because then she knew we were going to go somewhere.

Liz said...

I need a MIL like yours. :}

Such a sweet little dog.