Thursday, September 28, 2006


A woman sits and waits with her dog for its appointment at the vet. She starts playing with a little kitten that is in a cat chalet (equivalent of a kennel for a dog - I looked it up!) in the corner of the office.

"I think I have something you can play with in my purse." She proceeds to dig around in her purse, most likely for a keychain or something.

"Here - maybe this will work." Says a woman that is sitting by herself, oddly, sans animal, as she pulls a two foot long piece of linen from her purse.

"Uh...thanks." Says the first woman, obviously wondering why someone would have a two foot long piece of fabric in their purse, and whether or not it was safe to touch.

The kitten proceeded to play with the linen scrap, not questioning its origins.

Which role did I play in this scenario*?

a. The kitten

b. The lady playing with the kitten

c. The crazy lady who brought a large fabric scrap with her to match later that afternoon at the fabric store and was too lazy to cut it into a smaller piece before shoving into her purse, and furthermore most likely had other scraps of fabric and yarn in there that might have been amusing to the little kitten had she needed them. She was probably at the vet because her little puppy had been slightly limping for a couple of days, and automatically assuming the worse (tumor, arthritis), she took him in for an x-ray, only to find out ($180 later) that nothing was visibly wrong, and the trip to the vet seemed to cure the little puppy anyway.

*hint* I am not a feline

You know it's a slow week if all my animals make an appearance on my blog. This is Gunny, half of the Destructive Duo.


Karen in Wichita said...

Heh. I have a purse full of kitty toys cleverly disguised as other (mostly sewing-related) things. Chloe, the Silver Seams Token Kitten, swiped a piece of mohair out of my purse and went completely berserk with it (my mother-in-law thought she'd caught a small hairy creature). Chenille stems are another favorite.

People look at me weirdly when I whip out my sewing stuff and repair waiting-room plush toys, too. (And we're not talking a sissy travel sewing kit; you should see the looks when the six-inch doll needles and half-circle surgical needles come out...)

(And yeah, the Chloe link above is a distract-the-reader-with-the-animals entry too. I even say so in it...)

caro said...

Were you carrying my purse? 'Cause that sounds like it could have happened to me.

vegasandvenice said...

I am hoping you are (C), but that is just my personal preference. I won't like you any less if you really are the cat.

Have a great day *smile*

P.S Glad the limp seems better!

carolyn said...

It once took us 3 trips to the vet and a referral to the Animal Health Trust resulting in a 100 mile round trip to discover our dog had an allergy to fleas. And whose fleas were they, why the Cats of course.

Barb said...

Lookie Gunny! He looks like my Terry. I can't tell you how many times I get the wtf? stare from people. Oh my God. Between my talking to every animal within a mile radius, and then taking weird photos around town...I may be developing a loony reputation ;)

Alicia P. said...

Shoot. I was gonna say kitten.

(So glad the critter is okay.)