Friday, September 08, 2006

Principal Skinner Craft Night

I tried to find a pic of Principal Skinner of The Simpsons enjoying "Silhouette Night" with Mother, but was unable to come with anything other than this. You'll just have to watch Season 9 when it comes out on DVD. Basically, Principal Skinner (who may not be the real Seymour Skinner - dah dah dunh) and his mother, Agnes, draw and cut out silhouettes of each other on Friday nights, and have an entire wall of their house devoted to their hobby.

I can't imagine Silhouette Night will become a regular thing for us, but it was really fun to do one set. My inspiration was finding these silhouette-ready frames on clearance ($3.74 each!) at Target

A little confession is in order. Our silhouettes were not captured in the traditional manner. We were unable to get an outline with any type of definition using a light pointed at one person, and the other person tracing it. Not to mention BT could not (or would not) sit still. Once his shoulder got sore from me socking him for squirming around, we decided to try something more high-tech. We took pictures of each other in profile, and then BT traced the outlines in Illustrator.

The cutting was still done the old-fashioned way, though

And here are the finished frames

I like how BT is laughing, and it looks like I am getting ready to kiss him. He said he would not endorse this project unless I left the little devil horn thingy sticking up from my forehead. We considered doing something even more modern, like me holding a martini, or knitting, and BT wearing a baseball cap, and smoking a cigar, but in the end we settled for a *traditional* design. I'm sure Principal Skinner would be proud!


Belinda said...

I love them, they look great.

Megan said...

Ah! So great!

Jessica said...

Fabulous job. They look great.

Liz said...


elizabeth said...

these are sooo awesome!!!!!

i too love how bt is laughing.

friggin' fabulous!

Dorie said...

let's hear it for modern technology! Darn wigglers.

Miss Bliss said...

I have to agree, the devil horn thingy adds something... I'm not exctly sure what, but something. Love it. Life isn't perfect, why should pics be?

ramona said...

what a great idea to do it the non traditional way. i once tried shadow tracing with my daughter but miserably failed for the same reasons like you did. now i will try it again :-)