Friday, September 01, 2006

Pita Rabbit

Hello, Baby!

My name is Pita Rabbit! Though my maker*, Jennifer, does not deny the reference to the popular storybook character, Peter Rabbit, the real significance of the name is that - well - it was suggested as a name for you. You know, you have the most amazing lineage, with a Spanish mama and a Vietnamese daddy.

Jennifer said your mom should consider a name that celebrates your heritage. And now for your first Spanish lesson, "Lupe" is a shortened form of "Guadalupe." The diminutive of "Lupe" is "Lupita." "Lupita" is often shortened even further to "Pita." Your mom, however, said she, quote, "didn't like little old Spanish lady names." {Sigh} Well, we still like Pita, right? Jennifer would have considered using it for her own (future) daughter's name, except she and the Mr. are as non-Hispanic as they come, and it would be a little bobo-ish to go with such a traditionally Spanish name. But, growing up with the most popular girl's name of the 1970s, I'm sure Jennifer will be looking for something a little different.

We are all very excited for your arrival! Your mama thought she and Jennifer would be kickin' it free and easy for a few more years, sipping martinis in the rooftop hot tub of the Hotel Andalucia after a day of wine-tasting (gawd, maybe we are bobos after all), before kiddlets came along. We won't tell you until your in your 20s or so the kind of trouble your mom and Jennifer used to stir up. I was trying to think of a benign example to include here, but I really couldn't - You'll just have to wait.

Now, there will be a sweet little baby to love and spoil! Your Auntie Jen likes to make things for little ones, so you will just have to grin and bear it. Just let your mom take a picture of you near whatever gift you receive, and then you can shove it under your crib or something. I, of course, am really just a decoration, because I have the whole button/embroidery thing going on, but I think I match your room pretty well, imho.

Well, baby, hope to see you soon! Go easy on your mom at the hospital. And whether your name is Spanish or Vietnamese or something in between,
I know it will be the perfect name for you!


*Bunny made from wee wonderfuls Put Together Book No. 1 booklet.


"Pita's" mom said...


Oh my gosh. That is the sweetest post. You really make me (us-baby too) smile.

Let's keep all the wild stories to ourselves though....we don't want to corrupt the baby, at least not yet.

Megan said...

For some reason I missed that you were blogging again - welcome back! Love the colours in your bunny, she's very sweet.