Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello, Fall

Fall is my most favorite season of them all! It is hard to pinpoint the rationale behind my love for Fall. We didn't live in an area that had tress that changed color. My Mom was not the type to bake a bevy of apple pies each year around this time. Sometimes it doesn't even get cool enough here to really justify wearing a sweater during the day (though I usually cannot help myself, and wear one anyways - feckless soul that I am)

It must have to do with school. I was one of those nerds who loved school. Some aspects made me very nervous, like meeting people and big tests, but by and large I was very excited to be back at school learning new and wonderful things. No matter how you felt about school, you have to admit is was fun to pick out your new school supplies. I miss buying school supplies now that I have been out of school for many years, and usually find an excuse to buy a few anyhow.

Don't you love New York in the Fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your
name and address.

You've Got Mail, 1998

Here's my bouquet of newly sharpened pencils*, for you, my blog friends. And here's to a happy Fall, with many apple desserts, warm snuggly sweaters, and piles of leaves in the perfect shades of orange, red, and brown.

* It is crazy hard to take a picture of yourself using the macro setting!


Emy said...

I love fall too. Being here makes me so homesick though. We used to live in Virginia before this and we would drive to the mountains and to North Carolina and see all of the lovely roadside markets. I miss that. Pumpkins aren't in season here at the right time. There are no trees to change color. So all that's left for me is cooking and school supplies. I buy them too but i remember them being much cooler! (I pretend I need more pencils and Cale needs more crayons. Now surely I have a need for those bradded folders!) The selection here isn't the best.

PS. Your last picture looks almost like wood grain.

Liz said...

Sniffff!! They smell beautiful!
If you ever want to experience a New England Fall you always have a friend here in Maine.

posy press said...

i always look forward to fall as well and share your love of school supplies! I love me a good jacket for fall as well...and although in L.A. we don't always "need" them, I find times to wear them!

Miss Bliss said...

I love that movie, and I love that ribbon! Fall is my fav time of year, it's crisp and somehow clean and a little sad for some.

Anonymous said...

Now in east Texas we do see the ever changing colors and on a brisk day you can take a long walk along the dirt paths and see up close and personal what nature has to offer. The fall and beginning of winter was always my favorite time of the year. I guess it is something about the smells that fill the air that just always made me happy as a little girl.

I must say I love that movie as well and even more so seeing that me and my man have been together for over a year now and well can you say Mobile hooked us up and it has been bliss ever since :)

Wishing you all the best as your little ones continue down their road to knowledge.

Jenn #2 :)

Beth said...

I love Fall too. I can smell it in the air already! And I like your pencil bouquet! You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies! Now I want to watch it!


Barb said...

What a fun post!